Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Writing of a Book

This is an undertaking which I have attempted on numerous occasions, too many to count actually. My brother and I were discussing yesterday about a book idea that he had, and it hit me. His idea was great and I wanted him to write it and bugged him to get a preliminary outline done. Then I decided that both of us should write our own novels this year. March 31st, 2009 is the deadline for the first draft. Probably not a hell of a lot of time, but it is what I will be shooting for anyway (he is much more realistic about his terrible laziness). 

Procrastination is a terrible terrible act. Many of us struggle with it on a routine basis. In writing, I struggle with it a great deal; fresh ideas pop in my head and the beginning stages occur but often there is little follow through. Maybe an outline and a chapter are completed; maybe a a ton of research. Once I did get four chapters of a potential novel written before giving up because the dialogue was so terribly awful.

Reading books about writing is funny although I have done it and find that some of what the authors say make sense and try to incorporate their hints and suggestions. The thing is with the amount that I read, I feel like contributing in some way. This is why it is such a draw for me and something to attempt. 

That is all over. I aim to get a first draft done by March 31st of this year. And I will push my brother to do the same. 

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