Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finally... the Coming Of The New World

The latest album from A Death Cinematic is finally available to order. I just received mine, and it must be said that A New World might be the most impressive looking package yet from Simple Box Construction.

Here is a video from the album

The New World - A Death Cinematic Official Video from Ursine Vulpine//Frederick Lloyd on Vimeo.

::: SBC - 011 THE NEW WORLD (cd) and packaging. this release was recorded between winter 2009 and fall 2010. all sounds improvised from guitar, amp, and effects pedals. the monologue was recorded by Matt Finney and arranged by a death cinematic. THE NEW WORLD text was written and read by Matt Finney. PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD text which makes up the track titles was written by a death cinematic. each printed cd comes in a brown, hand printed envelope. the cd and book come in a hand made balsa wood and western red cedar veneer box/ gatefold. the covers consists of heavy weight printing paper with hand printed text and images, housed in a hand made vellum slip sleeve. all covers and vellum sleeves were cut and scored by hand and printed at the simple box construction studio.

For more info and to order... go here ... it is impressive to say the least.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A389 Recordings Latest Batch of Records Part I

A389 Recordings is at it again. This is the latest batch of releases from the label, and the package is a doozy.

Here is what is in the package:

INTEGRITY 'Kingdom Of Heaven' 7" (White)  (of 150)
JUNIOR BRUCE 'The Headless King' 12" (Red/Black)  (of 150)
UNHOLY MAJESTY 's/t 7" (Clear)  (of 150)
YOUNG AND IN THE WAY 'Amen/I Am Not What I Am' 2x12" (White/Black)  (of 150)
PLUS a copy of the INTEGRITY Evacuate Flexi on black. (of 250)

Order the whole deal here

A389 Recordings Monster Update Part I

With the A389 Anniversary Show in the history books, here is one of the special releases from that show. With Pulling Teeth officially done, this is a neat addition to their discography or related discography.

Super limited edition A389 VIII Anniversary Release!!!
100 Copies on Black Vinyl available for mailorder.
100 Copies on White Vinyl were on sale at the Anniversary Bash
Relive the magical night Pulling Teeth took the stage on January 08, 2010 as the backing band for Heavy Metal God: THOR. Professionally recorded/mixed by Kevin Bernsten/Developing Nations, Thor's Teeth rip through a set of Thor classics topped off with some of the best stage banter you will EVER hear.
Packaged in gatefold cover laid out by Dwid Hellion, complete with live photo collage from that legendary night. This set is one for this history books.

For the mailorder copy on black... order here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New From Waterpower Electronics

Waterpower Electronics has three new releases that are shipping almost immediately. A Solid label with sharp releases... you would not be disappointed with any of these. Order by emailing info(at)waterpowerelectronics(dot)com.

WP020 - マスクド・ダイオウド - 汚染
(Masked Diode - Contamination)

(Pictured above) Three tracks, each recorded with a different set up (home, studio, live) from Japan. Samples can tell more. Clear C20 in standard norelco case, with 8x10" poster featuring artwork by Ryuta. Limited to 50 copies.

Listen to samples here and here.

$6 US / $8 World

WP018 - Devonshire - Untitled [reissue]

Reissue. Pummeling low end on both sides with sparse vocals. Clear C10 in standard norelco case. Limited to 25 copies.

Listen to a sample here

$5 US / $7 World

NMNVNV01 : Horror Chains - Whore Chains First release on VHS sub-label, NO MISSION NO VISION NO VALUE. Harsh noise + fuzzed out video sourced from old- and favored- Cinemagic's "Noir" label. 17' of video on a black T20 in standard black sleeve with insert. Limited to 20 copies.

$8 US / $12 World

Monday, January 23, 2012

In Case You Missed It

Pre-orders for Sutekh Hexen's Larvae went live late-ish Saturday night. Unfortunately, if you did miss it up to now, then you missed out on the Clear with Pink Splatter vinyl that was limited to 100 copies; however, you still have a chance to grab a black copy (limited to 200) over at Handmade Birds (here), who also has a CD version available as well for the non vinyl collecting types (get that here).

This is definitely going to be a "you wish you had this" type release.

Some additional technical information:

Edition: 300 copies (100 clear with pink splatter; 200 classic black) COLOR VINYL HAS SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK AS OF 1-22matte gatefold with spot UV + insertart by Kevin Gan Yuen and Dwid Hellion. Mastered by James Plotkin.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Poisoned Soil...

...is finally available on vinyl. The first House Of Low Culture album in quite a while looks tremendous

Two colors available Lead (out of 100) and Black (of 400). Do not wait around for the record either, Taiga records are always amazing pieces for your collection, and the limited versions always sell out.

catalog number: TAIGA 17
artist: House of Low Culture
title: Poisoned Soil
format: LP+12”
track list:
side A: Spoiled Fruits of the Kingdom
B: The Ladder That Leads to Nowhere
C: Inappropriate Body pt1
D: Inappropriate Body pt2
total running time: 53:15

House of Low Culture is the long-running solo project of
Aaron Turner (Isis, Mamiffer, Lotus Eaters, etc.) and Poisoned
Soil is the first proper album to be released in nearly a
HOLC’s first release, Submarine Immersion Techniques Vol.
1, would set the tone for all that would follow. Recorded from
1997-1999, released in 2000, the album explored lonely,
lysergic drone territories and the construction of textural
weavings. Over the course of the next several years, Turner
broadened HOLC’s sonic palette considerably—incorporating
voices, keyboard textures, and other non-guitar
instrumentation—while engaging in collaborative efforts with
the likes of Merzbow/Masami Akita, James Plotkin, Z’ev,
Stephen O'Malley and others.
As of late, Faith Coloccia, Turner’s wife (and bandmate in
Mamiffer), has become a regular contributor. Her presence
can be heard and felt on HOLC’s new full-length recording,
Poisoned Soil, as can that of percussionist B.R.A.D (Asva,
Master Musicians of Bukkake, Burning Witch, etc).  The three
lengthy compositions within conjure a wide variety of spatial
effects and spectral imagery when experienced under
headphones: distant rumblings, ominous premonitions and
strange equilibrium disturbances, all underscored by the hiss
of naked electrical current.
Mastered by James Plotkin, cut by John Golden and pressed
on 200g virgin vinyl, Poisoned Soil is presented as a grand
LP+12” set with spot colors, printed innersleeves and
flooded pockets in an edition of 500.

Order here 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pyramids Self-Titled Finally...

...lands on vinyl finally today via Hydra Head. This record was quite a kick in the pants when it came out, and the CD layout was always begging for a vinyl release. In fact in my review for the record when it came out (check that out here) I stated:

The artwork suits the record perfectly and the packaging is very reminiscent of a gatefold double LP package, which gives the whole release a nice touch.
This will more than likely look amazing, and if the recent speedy sell out of the Pyramids & Horseback collaboration LP+7" is any indication, this could very well be gone just as fast.

Supposedly this will be for sale at 3PM EST and noon PST today. Get your trigger finger out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick Update On The Latest Strange Rules Batch

As stated yesterday, Strange Rules tapes go fast, and the Natural Assembly tape, Fusion's Origin, was the first to sell out rather quickly yesterday. Did you get one?

Don't sleep on the others, they will not last long.

More On Sutekh Hexen's Larvae

So, pre-orders for this sucker start next week; and I just finished my forthcoming review for Larvae (that will be posted over at scene point blank), but I keep thinking, "isn't the middle of January a bit premature to be calling Larvae the album of the year"... Probably, but this record is great. Sutekh Hexen outdid themselves for certain.

From the looks of this the vinyl is limited to 100 on clear with pink splatter and 200 on black. It will go fast. I will post here when the pre-orders go live over at Handmade Birds. They are also putting the album out on CD as well.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Latest Offerings From Strange Rules

Strange Rules are at it again offering four new tapes for us all to consume.

Kicking the festivities off is the latest from the almighty Cremation Lily (pictured above) entitled Infant. Jump on this quick because Cremation Lily is definitely building a name for itself, and the tapes sell out rather quickly. Infant is limited to 50 copies, but do not let that number fool you.

Order here

RULE-011 Cremation Lily - Infantinfant missing in the crop, during the harvest moon a statue iserected in mourning. power electronics in memory. heavy, layered,pulsating. mastered by Kris Lapke. 50 copies.

Next up is the latest tape from Natural Assembly (who previously released a stunning debut tape on Zeitgeists Publishing), Fusion's Origin. This tape however features the first sounds of Natural Assembly as a duo as the purveyor behind Cremation Lily joins up to add his voice to the proceedings. Limited to 31 copies, order here

RULE-013 Natural Assembly - Fusion's OriginTwo new Natural Assembly recordings, the first release as the duo ofinstigator J. Cannon & new addition Z.Zsigo (of Cremation Lily.)Depressive synthwave and industrial pop music. Tape repeats both sides. 31 copies.

Next up we have a tape from Winter Resistance, Sleep In The White Blanket. Limited to just 35 copies, order here.

RULE-012 Winter Resistance - Sleep In The White Blanketin the grip of the british winter, strange rules administers aresistant dose of industrial electronics. analog synthesizers, drummachines, feedback + vocals distressed against the backdrop of adense, shivering, white sheet. 35 copies. 

And Lastly, Strange Rules brings us the Blooming Carcass tape from False Moniker. Limited to 35 copies, order here.

RULE-014 False Moniker - Blooming Carcassthe anonymous natural order remains unbroken. caustic dronedindustrial noise from this european master of subtle, painstakingdetail. 35 copies.

Don't sleep on these because Strange Rules tapes do not last long.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Out Of Body Records Latest Offerings

Out Of Body Records has just released the latest tapes from Developer (cover pictured above) and Gnawed.

The Developer tape info is as follows:


Masterfully assembled tape collage and harsh noise cut-up from Developer. Mind splitting fast cuts blending with brain warping sounds and harsh noise assaults. Weird and raw. Dark yet playful. One of the weirdest projects going on right now. CAUTION: repeated listens or listening while inebriated may cause insanity.... It did for me on both accounts. 

Here is the Gnawed info:

A slow churning, thick and heavy death industrial masterpiece. Cold, stark and dark.  Like being lost in a wasteland of abandoned factories filled with haunted machinery, trying to find your way out, while slowly loosing your mind.  Gut rumbling bass and nails on the chalkboard like screeching highs.  8 tracks of brutal death industrial, heavy drone, power electronics and severe scrap metal abuse, perfectly and precisely recorded. This cassette will make you question your sanity.

The Developer in particular is rather awesome.

Ordering info here

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Magic Bullet Kicks Off the New Year...

... with several new releases. First up is the Vermapyre / Ides Of Gemini split LP (Vermapyre side cover pictured above). This bad boy comes on two colors that I can tell, green and brown. Order here

This looks to be a great release. I can't wait to hear both offerings.

Here is the Ides Of Gemini side:

Serving as a shining beacon to how broad the spectrum of “blackened” aural delights truly extends, the juxtaposition of pairing the mysterious and elusiveVERMAPYRE with Los Angeles, CA’s IDES OF GEMINIindeed serves one of the sharper contrasts one could expect from a split record.
VERMAPYRE kicks things off with a live documentation of a May 21, 2011 performance in Oslo, Norway. It’s raw, it’s unrelenting, it’s absolutely vicious. Rehydration feels necessary upon the conclusion of what’s clearly an exercise and  simultaneous reward system of the id.
Right on cue, IDES OF GEMINI come in like the high tide, enveloping the listener with a wide open flood of dreamy, cerebral doom. Sera Timms’ ethereal vocals hit like a siren’s song atop nasty, glacial riffs and expansive percussive emanations. When played back to back, it’s almost as if IDES OF GEMINI are the skillful hand administering sutures incurred during VERMAPYRE‘s unapologetic nail bomb of sound.
Housed in a special jacket featuring artwork from both bands and UV spot gloss atop a matte flood, each copy also contains a complementary download code of the entire program, additional art, and color vinyl. Initial pressing: 500 pieces.

Here is a Vermapyre track:

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Murder City Devils Rise Again

So here it is. The Murder City Devils finally recorded something new. 2,000 total available apparently and comes with a digital download of both songs: "Every Day I Rise" and "Ball Busters In The Peanut Gallery".

It is nice to hear these guys and gal again.

Order here

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A389's Anniversary Bash...

...will see the release of a bunch of new records from A389. And for those of us that cannot make said bash, these will be hitting the A389 webstore shortly thereafter.

Pictured above is the Integrity Kingdom of Heaven 7" which features all of the tracks that the Melnick era band recorded with drummer David Nicholi Araca (whose life was tragically cut short) for the first time ever on vinyl.  It looks great.

Integrity by A389Recordings

This little baby is the "Evacuate" Flexi 7" from Integrity. If you have never heard the band's take on this classic hardcore anthem from Negative Approach, then you are missing out... limited and probably a bonus item in the package deal.

Next up is Junior Bruce, the new vehicle for the formal vocalist of the almighty Bloodlet (and the criminally underrated Hope & Suicide), Scott Angelacos. The demo is pretty sweet; so, I am anxiously awaiting this record.

JuniorBruce by A389Recordings

The other two records include the 7" from Unholy Majesty and the Young and in the Way 2x12"... all good stuff.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


LARVAE is coming soon, and dear lord is it a doozy; I was blown away the first time that I heard this record.

Possibly the penultimate release from Sutekh Hexen thus far.

Here are some tidbits that I stole:

SUTEKH HEXEN Announce February Release Date for 'Larvae'
"Black noise" seems like the most vague description possible for a metal (or metal-influenced) sonic entity, but take one listen to the malignant sorcery conjured up by Bay Area entity SUTEKH HEXEN, and it becomes the most apt title imaginable. Swirling vortexes of chaotic distortion, overwhelming walls of fuzzed-out, menacing noise, tormented howls and sepulchral murmurs - this is black metal forced through a madman's synapses. Black metal, drone, noise, field recordings, spoken word, acoustic guitars, blighted melodies - this is what they offer, these are the elements they harness. 
SUTEKH HEXEN have gained well-deserved recognition as of late, thanks to a slew of sold-out releases and West Coast live actions, but with this, their debut release for eclectic collective Handmade Birds, the project has truly reached its apex. Larvae is manifested as a three song, thirty-minute LP, which will be released on February 21, 2012 on digipack CD and a special edition, colored gatefold vinyl (100 on clear with pink splatter, 200 on black). 

LARVAE TRACK LISTING: A1. Isvar Savasana A2. Lead Us In Warfare B.   Let There Be Light
As part of a longer, glowing review, Lurker's Path described the album as,"the platonic form of catharsis. That is Larvae by Sutekh Hexen,who have grown over this last year to become the forerunner in noise addled black metal. Layering their din over barely audible drums, treble-firey guitars and a vocal approach akin to murder are all just the starting blocks. What ascends from beneath the raging waves of sound is nothing short of uplifting, transcendent. Larvae is the crowning achievement of this rising star... I give Larvae LURKER’s highest recommendation for its colossal ability to affect the listener. "
Aquarius Records described the band itself as something "more than black metal...it's a darkly  epic, strangely textured assemblage of buzz and blast, howl and  pound, the sound a living black entity, sonic chaos given form. This is the real transcendental black metal. All should be worshipping before the altar of the priests of SUTEKH HEXEN” 
Larvae features the talents of many. The album was mastered at 45rpm by James Plotkin and brought forth from the void by Scott Miller (electric guitar, field-recordings, found objects, vocals), Lee Camfield (acoustic guitar), Kevin Gan Yuen (electric guitar, field-recordings, found objects), Dwid Hellion (vocals), Thomas Rodahl Dedekam (vocals), with a pair of conspirators (Yuen and Hellion) collaborating on the haunting album artwork as well." 

This record will be awesome.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Praire Fire Tapes...

...has ten, yes, ten new tapes available to purchase.

Happy New Year everyone! It’s PFT’s 2nd Birthday & we’re celebrating our terrible Twos with 10!! New releases! 

All tapes feature Pro-printed JCards, pad printed shells, pro- duplication, and downloads – we’re doing it up in STYLE! 
BIG BATCH SALE   only $55 ppd for all ten. Or go to the site and get the one's you want here

PF 036 Greenhouse – Forever Tired c83 

Long time PF friend Curran Faris returns for his third Prairie Fire 
Release. Forever Tired debuted last year as a 3 track 60 minute 
digital only release – but we’ve added another 20+ minutes to make 
this an epic testament to Curran’s skills as a lone guitar droner. 

We can’t be sure, but we suspect the title might allude to how Curran 
was expecting to feel as the birth of his first child approached. Even 
though his days are filled with child rearing, dog walking, and house 
reno-ing, don’t expect Forever Tired to be an domestically chilled 
endeavour. Elements of tense noise and synth explorations are 
incorporated into the usual GH drift. 

Find some decent headphones and a soft space to lay down and roll 
though this - complete mesmerisation will occur. 

Ed. 0f 75 w/ Download 

Design by Cole Peters 


PF 037 Grain Count – Ikeda Built One-Sided c40 

Grain Count is Winnipeg noise artist Pat Klassen (Sleep, Diabetes 
Foot). Our relationship with Pat started a few summers ago when he 
left a shell of a Fuzzface pedal (painted with bits of fur and plastic 
toys glued to it) on the doorstep of what was then PFT HQ. We were 
charmed enough to seek out this mysterious pedal artist and foster the 
mounds of sounds he was issuing forth. 

After a series of self released tapes, Pat sent us a 20 minute track 
of very minimal tones and severely restrained wall static meant as an 
homage to Ryoji Ikeda. The beauty of the piece is the sustained 
static contrasting with the occasional shifting of tones that makes 
for four pieces in one. Neither overpowers the other, instead combine 
harmoniously into a track that will appeal to sound art lovers as well 
as HNW aficionados. 

Ed. Of 40 w/ Download 

Art/Design by Cole Peters 


PF 038 Wasted Cathedral – S/T c25 
Wasted Cathedral is Chris Laramee, member of Saskatoon space 
travellers Shooting Guns. When he’s not part of SG’s effort to become 
the Canadian Hawkwind, Chris is laying down some brilliant Prairie 
Kosmische Musik. 

When we contacted Chris, he sent us a stack of recording to wade 
through, all of which were amazing. We initially planned to release 2 
WC tapes back to back – this the 25 minute teaser and a full 60 minute 
mind melter. After some heavy deliberation, we concluded that offering 
up too much too soon would probably create a soporific effect on the 
underground community on a grand scale. While the idea made us giggle 
a bit, we took the responsible route of doling tracks out at a 
reasonable pace. 

More WILL follow. 

Ed. Of 75 w/ Download 

Art/Design by Cole Peters 


PF 039 Gomeisa – Death Poems c40 

When Gomeisa dropped Treatise, his 4 hour box set on Phage, last year 
– I was convinced that was going to be the final chapter. I was 
partially correct. 

Death Poems is a departure from the Gomeisa oeuvre both sonically and 
visually. Death Poems teases with an static intro and then kicks into 
a spastic and emotionally turbulent collection of blasts and calls yet 
unheard by this artist. Even the cover art hints at something more 
whimsical than minimal. Top marks all round. 

Ed. Of 50 w/ Download 

Art/Design by Cole Peters 


PF 040 Adrian Dziewanski - Archival Anthems c35 

Adrian contacted us this fall and sent some tracks over that we 
couldn’t ignore. Beautifully crafted dronescapes that create stunning 
isolated and cold atmospheres. 

I don’t know about where you live – but there are times here in 
Winnipeg (especially in January) where if there’s enough snow and the 
temp is cold enough, say -45 degrees Celsius, driving around late, 
late at night is like being on the moon. There is no movement, 
everything gives off a blue hue, and if you stay outside too long, you 
die. It’s the best combination of beauty, desolation, and danger. 
Archival Anthems is a perfect mid-winter soundtrack – the point where 
it’s undeniable that everything is in a dead state. It’s not a requiem 
as there are hints of warmth and hopefulness of what is just ahead... 

Ed. of 75 w/Download 

Art/Design by Cole Peters 


PF 041 T. Fuller – Eat Your Beets c30 

T. Fuller is Terrence Fuller (Repulsive Bile & KkrakK). For his third 
Prairie Fire appearance we asked him to put together some tracks based 
upon a 2009 dub noise percussive performance. The A-Side is full of 
Scorn induced electro-percussive workouts that become consistently 
weirder as the last track fades out. The B-side begins to inhabit 
sonic territories consistent with 70s Italian zombie/cannibal flicks 
and Skinny Puppy’s mid-80s output. 

While the inclusion of Eat Your Beets may seem to be a bit a stretch 
for PF, we thought it a good match to the Crabskull and 
Tyrannosaurusex tapes in this run as well as showing off another 
dimension of the weird Winnipeg underground. Check it.. you’ll dig it. 

Ed. of 75 w/Download 

Art/Design by Cole Peters 


PF 042 Derek Rogers – A Crack In Everything c40 

We’re really excited about this one. So excited in fact, that it’s 
really tough to not veer into hyperbole while writing this. 

After consuming a handful of DR releases over the last year and a bit 
round the PF HQ, we were pretty sure we knew what we’d be presented 
with – but to be honest, nothing prepared us for how awesome this tape 
is. Melody meets sound exploration and harmony sides up against 
discord, the mood effortlessly shifts from beautiful and enveloping to 
flat out cranky over the course of 40 minutes. 

The title track and end exit track “Ghosts of Melancholy” have a 
dystopian sci-fi soundtrack feel (I was leaning toward Escape From New 
York) while other likes “The Ones Who Love Us Least Are The Ones We’ll 
Die To Please” have the potential to bring on a profound emotional 
response from the listener. 

Last year was a pretty big for Derek – what with his name was all over 
Best Of.. lists and all. We’re pretty sure this tape will have 2012 
pick up where 2011 left off. 

Spin these tracks for yourself and get your head around what a monster 
this is. 

Ed. of 100 w/ Download 

Art/Design by Cole Peters 


PF 043 Crabskull – Jovian Black Opera c60 

Another major surprise. Chrys Fournier, Crabskull, Scab Smoker drummer 
& Dub DJ, caught me at a local record shop in the Summer and told me 
he had some tapes I might like. We have gave me was two 90 minute 
collection of the wildest, creeped out dark hop this side of 2001. 

After digesting 3 hours of the Crabskull experience, I was sold and 
told Chrys to piece together a collection of the tracks he liked the 
best from the two tapes… the result is Jovian Black Opera. It’s 
analog, grimy, gritty, lo-fi, rough edged D’n’B that grabs hold and 
drags you down deeper and deeper into the dark. Def. not the last 
Crabskull release you hear on PF. 

Ed. of 75 W/ Download Code 

Design by Cole Peters 


PF 044 Celer – In the Finger-Painted Fields of the Eyes c88 

In the Finger-Painted Fields of the Eyes is everything you would 
expect from a Celer/Will Long release. It’s subdued, introspective, 
lonely, and beautiful. It’s almost as if a lifetime’s worth of quiet 
moments were collected and then transferred onto tape. If you’re in a 
space where you need something to bring you down and mellow you out, 
this would be it. 

Initially this tape was going to be roughly one hour long. As the 
production process rolled on, Will sent us a second version that 
pushed the length of the tape to be nearly 30 minutes longer. It’s an 
astounding collection of music that we are very lucky and honored to 
be able to present. 

Ed. of 100 W/ Download Code 

Design by Cole Peters 


PF 045 Tyrannosaurusex – Cities of the Red Night c40 

We tracked down J. Wiley after he posted some wacky drum/space echo 
dub like recordings and said throw us some tracks and tapes will be 
made. He followed up on our offer and came through big time. 

Cities of the Red Night offers up the occasional blast of computo- 
krautisms in the form of bleeps and bloops backed with basic drum 
patterns – but then comes the rumbles, the drones, the feedback’d Dead 
C guitarisms, the obliterated loops – man this tape has EVERYTHING! 

When someone has a debut release this strong – you can’t but get 
shivers thinking about what will come next! 

Ed. of 50 W/ Download Code 

Art/Design by Cole Peters