Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Iroha & Fragment. - Bittersweet

I just got bowled over by this EP tonight.

Iroha & Fragment. produce a split & collaboration here Bittersweet that is great. Go to this link and download the record for yourself.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recording Day 9

Yes, almost all of the tracking is now complete for the Gholas album. I can't wait for people to hear it. All we have left is to record the viola parts and we'll be full on in the mixing stage.

We have actually been slacking so there probably will be no pictures to take for posterity's sake. Oh well. Now things can start getting back to normal.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recording Day 8

Completed my vocals for two more songs, leaving just one more song for me to go.

Chris added a bunch of extras to his instrumental that is just about finished.

This leaves us with two more instrumentals to work on as well and some other vocals by other band members. With another session on Sunday, I am hoping that we hammer this out then.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Recording Day 7

Yes, another long gap in recording the Gholas album.

Last night we recorded vocals for "...(The Emissary)", laid down guide vocals for "Tycho Dawn", and figured out how to record the drum machine.

There is still a bunch left to do. We'll see I have another session in a week where I hope to get the main vocals done for the rest of the record.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Vacation Adventures

So Thursday ended up with a monstrous Risk game that took almost 10 hours (we had some breaks), which are a kind of tradition amongst those involved (though we were missing one of the participants)...definitely a fun time.

Friday, our plans to see the Yankees versus the Nationals at spring training was literally rained out, so we took a trip to the South Florida Science Museum only to find out that it is a children's museum (their website should have said as much), which was a bizarre 20 minutes (my wife and I were the only people not accompanying children that were adults).

Saturday was a mostly relaxing day that saw us visiting old friends.

Sunday we took a trip to Universal Studios to meet up with another old friend. This was a good time but paying for our tickets to this park were more expensive than our plane tickets haha. Still, the Simpson's ride was a ton of was the Hulk rollercoaster...and we had a nice visit.

Monday was another relaxing day and Tuesday saw us getting up way early to get to the airport. We made it home fine and it was back to the grind.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vacation: Kayaking Adventures

OK, so the wife and I decided to go kayaking for our first full day.

We put in to the Indian River off of Hutchison's Island in Florida just South of the power plant. Two quick things: I am afraid of sharks (full on phobia) so that makes me afraid of the water, particularly when I cannot see the bottom of the body of water that I am invading.

So, we decide to head north and with relative ease travel well past the power plant. The wife got some neat pictures of a pelican that was floating not 25 feet from us (really cool experience). The other experience on the first leg of the trip was scary to me. While rowing, a single dorsal fin broke the water, scaring me incredibly while my wife laughed at me; it turned out to be a dolphin (something I had never seen before and was not expecting in the river and by itself). Yes, I can laugh now, but I certainly was not then.

Now the trip back was an ordeal, not only were we kayaking into the wind, but the tide was going against us; when both of us were not paddling, the current reversed the kayak and pushed us backward while it took one of us paddling just to stay in place. Sometime during our trip back, I had scare #2; this time the water cavitated, rocked the boat, and scared the hell out of me; this time, the creature responsible was a manatee (another creature that I had never seen before).

Eventually, we made it back tired, sore, and sunburned in weird places; but still, an excellent adventure for the first day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


As of now, I am about to hop on a plane and head to Florida for a few days. I am hoping for lots of relaxation while I am done there. Surely, it will happen.

Certainly, Have A Nice Life's new EP Time Of Land will feature largely in my airplane travel listening session.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grad School...done

Received my grade today for my last class.

I finished with a 3.93 GPA.

Now I just need that diploma.

Monday, March 1, 2010

...Back from Detroit up well before dawn and drove 10 hours home. It was a pretty excruciating drive, my back is bugging me and my knees ache. Thank God I am home. I hope we fly next time we go to Detroit.

Overall a successful trip. The hotel made us pay for parking; they do not validate for people staying, which is completely ridiculous. Actually, it seemed like Detroit nickels and dimes people for everything, not a fan.