Sunday, May 24, 2009


The wife and I now have a new addition to our little family. We adopted a dog (a mutt) and are bringing her home later today. This is exciting for me. I hope she likes playing catch. We are calling her Luna. Hopefully, I will have pictures up here soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

More Burning Fight "fallout"

So Disembodied just played a couple of reunion shows, including Burning Fight in Chicago. I wish I could have seen them again. Then again, rumor has it that besides the upcoming rarities collection that is coming out for them, Disembodied may be entering into the studio and recording a new album. Apparently prepping for these reunion gigs has given the band the bug again, which is awesome. They have already released some of the most vicious music to begin with...check "Anvil Chandelier" and "Forget Me" off of Diablerie, "7 Stitches" and "Amaranth" and "Nemesis" and "Barbituate" and "One for the Wicked" off of Heretic, as well as "Heroin Fingers" and "Bloodshed Rain" off of If God Only Knew The Rest Were Dead... 

Disembodied were one of the heaviest hardcore bands of the 90's. It would be nice if they reclaimed that crown.

Trial Update

Apparently, which is great for the band, the vinyl of the Trial 10th anniversary edition of Are These Our Lives? is sold out already.

This 12" will be a limited press of 500.
250 on Brown Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
250 on Maroon Vinyl (SOLD OUT)

A Digital Download of this release is also available. Comes complete with full album artwork and lyrics. - $7.99 Digital Download

Nice development for the band.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Burning Fight...damn with Trial news

One of my biggest disappointments this year so far (and probably will be at the end of the year) was not getting to go to Burning Fight. So many bands that I like that are no longer with us played that thing: Unbroken... Threadbare... Disembodied... and others. Since the fest, some interesting news has been coming out.

Trial has re-released their last album that appeared on Equal Vision Records entitled Are These Our Lives? in a tenth anniversary edition. This was posted on Stuck In The Past and figured it could bear repeating as that band is a great group of guys.

Hello Friends,

We're writing this to ask for a little help and support. Trial has released a CD version of our 1999 LP “Are These Our Lives?”. This was originally released in 1999 on another label. Throughout the years that label decided to discontinue the lyrics in the booklet of their version. We protested immediately. They continued to sell this version over the years and we (Trial) have continued to receive emails from people who have bought the record asking why we didn’t include the lyrics in the record.

Originally the lyrics were included. Why would a hardcore band not have the lyrics included in their record? And especially us? Lyrics have always meant so much to us. It’s a huge part of hardcore and a huge part of our band. When we first learned about this, we asked the label why the record no longer included the lyrics and we were told that it was because it was cheaper for them to print the booklet without out the lyrics. Understandable. We then asked if we could pay the difference. We also offered to send them photocopies of the lyrics to send out with the orders so that they were included in some form. We also asked if we could have our contact information (a website) placed into the booklet so that people could go online and find the lyrics. In short they said “no” across the board to these requests, but they said it aggressively.

If you’re in a band you understand how much work and time goes into a record . For your record to be misrepresented is heartbreaking. We don’t care about the money, we never expected to see a dime from the record. It could sell a million copies and we wouldn’t care as long as it was represented in the light that we intended it to be.

This is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to release a 10 Year Anniversary Edition of “Are These Our Lives?” that includes the full lyrics and expanded explanations, along with additional writing about the origins of the ideas for the songs themselves. We’re not putting this out to make money. In fact, we only care to have the record available in the form that we intended it. We’re selling it for $5.00 in hopes that people are no longer bummed when they buy the record and don’t get the full record.

Since we’ve started playing shows here and there, the other version has picked up in sales…please spread the word that the version that is being sold currently by the other label does not include the lyrics and the band (Trial) have never seen a dime from that record and probably never will. This also includes ITunes and other digital outlets.

Because we’re sick of our record being in the hands of a label that cares nothing about our record or us, we paid for the manufacturing of this record out of our own pockets. We had hoped that we’d have them in time for our two most recent shows. We unfortunately did not receive them in time and now we’re hoping that we’ll be able to sell enough to cover our costs.

If you want to help us break even on the CD and pick up a copy, we’d be grateful. Again, we’re selling it for only $5.00 and that includes a digital download of the songs.

Thanks for your time..

Seattle WA

Visit Panic Records (Timm from Trial's Label) to get the record.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 far...maybe.

This is surely shaping up to be one hell of a whirlwind year in the music department; maybe I am getting old (maybe I am just busier than normal), but I feel like it is getting hard to keep up with all of the records this year. My review writing is behind (I do have a bunch in backlog that are starting to be completed), and acquiring everything that is dropping.

Curse you Nadja (Aidan and Leah, I am looking at you)!

Curse you Hydra Head records (Chel, your list is breaking me)!

So far, it has been an excellent year for music, well, what I listen to anyway. Quite a few of the records which I was looking forward to have come out: the new Isis (pretty damn good), the Narrows album (pretty good as well), the Supermachiner discography, and the new Tombs album. Ones that I was not expecting but are awesome include several Nadja albums and splits and the last record from Khanate (just wasn't expecting a new one). 

In the next several weeks there is the new Coalesce album, the GREYMACHINE ep and album, several more Nadja records, and maybe the new Integrity...maybe. Good year so far...good year.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Birthday Recap

I do not usually make a big deal about birthdays, but this year was quite exemplary. Some highlights include getting several HR Giger art books courtesy of my lovely wife, spending my birthday with my wife and then the subsequent evening in good company, and topping it off with an awesome feeling that only comes from having good friends.

I know I say it often, but pictures may just creep on here some day haha.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthday recap

My birthday was quite excellent yesterday. Thanks to all of my friends who were there and the well wishers that were not. 

Also, my wife is awesome.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Damn, I am getting up there is my birthday. I feel younger now than I have in years while at the same time feeling ten times my age in my bones.

Still here though...

Still making a racket.

Will some things never change?