Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another New Sutekh Hexen 7"

Sutekh Hexen has another new 7" available now called Daemons. Order it here Clear vinyl available for Mailorder while supplies last. Limited total to 253 copies with 80 on clear and 173 on black vinyl.

Listen here for samples if you have yet to hear them.

Mamiffer-- Live in Chicago

More live Mamiffer video, since I have been unable to see them myself

MAMIFFER Live in Chicago; June 13, 2011 from Stefan Raduta on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Latest Handmade Birds Pre-Orders

Handmade Birds has two new limited releases available for pre-order now. The first is the latest from Ten Horned Beast, Ten Horned Moses Descended The Mountain.

The paradox at the heart of the shamanic/trance state - that the shaman travels without moving, that his spirit/will is sent out into the Now and that it travels outwards and inwards, up and down whilst s/he remains rooted.That paradox is evident here, in this three disc, three + hour opus and the product of multiple years under the steady direction of Chris Walton, aka TenHornedBeast, where the stillness and the movement of the pieces are tantamount. This is not drone in a traditional sense. Picture a monolithically slow Philip Glass composition, where the movements are so subtle you aren't aware of them until they have already happened. The passivity of such a piece requires all the more aggressive listening. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Edition: 3xCD, each disc encased in its own artwork and placed in its own plastic slip cover, held together by a custom band printed by authentic letterpress. Limited to 150 copies.

The second is the live album from Gates, They Hide In The Shadows.

Gates bring a refreshing sound to the dark landscape, documented here in this enormous live performance from The Music Gallery in Toronto, Canada on 11/3/11. Those of us that were not present to bear witness to this epic performance are still experiencing regret. Thankfully, the performance was archived here; a perfect segue into their forthcoming Handmade Birds full length due late 2011.

Edition: 40 copies!!! This is by far the most limited item we have ever pressed, and will sell out.

Hear some sounds from Gates:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Utech Releases

Utech has two new releases (besides the Locrian & Horseback collaborative LP, New Dominions) currently available. Ithi (pictured above and featuring members of Servile Sect and Ash Borer) presents the Persistence Of Meaning:

New York duo of Joshua Convey and Luke Krnkr. Blistering, overdriven shards of noise obscure the almost entirely hidden melodies. These musical moments are few and far between, as The Persistence of Meaning is more about reveling in destruction and decay, emphasizing raw feedback and hollow, rhythmic loops that shamble like the walking dead. Dirges from the deepest ossuaries can almost be heard, pained notes buried by locust swarms of static. While occasionally the pair engage in erratic Krautrock rhythms and structures, they’re just as likely to blow the entire thing up into a burning crater. Photograph by Shawn Convey. Typographical work by Kevin Gan Yuen.

Check out some sounds here and here

Malpais is the first collaborative effort between William Fowler Collins and Gog. With both musicians based in the American Southwest (WFC in New Mexico and Gog in Arizona), the music is layered with hallucinatory visions of abandoned mines, atomic bomb blasts, genocide, and space travel. The listener is taken to a place that feels as though it could be the surface of the moon or a scorched earth strewn with bone dust and ash. Photograph by Max Aguilera-Hellweg.

Check out some sounds here and here

Order both here

Monday, June 27, 2011

Planning For Burial Live

Gholas played some fantastic shows two weekends ago. We had a ton of fun.

This is a little late, but it bears posting. This is the Planning For Burial set from the show that we played with them at the Cake Shop.

Planning For Burial@ The Cake Shop, NYC- June 17 2011 from Chris Morgan on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sutekh Hexen Live

For those that have never seen Sutekh Hexen (like myself), here is a video from one of their recent performances.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sutekh Hexen Pre-Orders

So, the Shadows 7" from Sutekh Hexen that was due out on DeathSmile was cancelled with that label. Luckily, Holy Terror Records has stepped in to make this 7" a reality again. Pre-orders are live now

Here is the breakdown:

Holy Terror Records

SUTEKH HEXEN "Shadows" 7" ep

This record will be ltd to a total of 300 records.

100 Opaque Orange Vinyl (Pre-Order)
200 Black Vinyl

the vinyl is laser etched on the B-side with a half flap cover to reveal the etching of the bands logo.

this record will also feature an exclusive embroidered SUTEKH HEXEN patch.

Get these quick as everything that the band has released is out of print.

If you have yet to hear Sutekh Hexen, go here

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mamiffer-- Live at Utech Fest

Yes, I missed out on Utech fest this year, which had an amazing lineup. Thanks to the Inarguable, at least we have some video. Here is Mamiffer's set.

MAMIFFER Live at Utech Records Music Fest; June 11, 2011 from Stefan Raduta on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

House Of Low Culture

As the news comes out regarding the upcoming House Of Low Culture album, Poisoned Soil, I get more and more excited. Taiga recently dropped some hints regarding the upcoming release:

TAIGA 17 - House of Low Culture Poisoned Soil LP+12" is now being cut by John Golden & will be released this summer! HOLC is the long running solo project of Aaron Turner (Lotus Eaters, Isis, Mamiffer, Hydra Head, etc) & Poisoned Soil is the first full length to be released in 8 years since the 2003 CD Edward's Lament! Sige have recently released a Mamiffer / HOLC split cassette featuring a demo from Poisoned Soil, Spoiled Fruits of the Kingdom, available during their current tour.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cremation Lily Cassette Number 2

Cremation Lily (a project by Zen Zsigo of Life In The Dark, Livimorket, and Maths) now has their second cassette up for order in the Strange Rules store. If this is anywhere near as good as the power electronics and beautiful harsh sounds of the first Cremation Lily tape, then you will wish that you will have bought this when you had the chance... already less than 13 copies available to nab.

Nab it here while you can

Strange Rules does it again.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Locrian and Horseback New Dominions LP

Locrian and Horseback team up to collaborate on this one sided LP (note, this is different from the recent split 7" between these two artists. This LP will also be limited to just 300 copies from Utech on June 18th. So grab it from them when it comes out here

New Dominions is an epitaph to an era and a rebirth of another. Inspired by Alan Weisman’s book The World Without Us, it is the profound religious feel of the takeover events that stand out in Weisman's detailed narration. While quite a bleak read, it successfully conveys an image of unstoppable sermon, a service of Life that would continue no matter if humanity or any other species cares to attend it. This collaborative release brings together two of the most exciting artists operating at the forefront of the underground. The groups’ willingness to explore new sounds, textures, and moods sets them apart from other artists operating in heavy music. New Dominions may be the most intense and brooding releases by either group.

The album consists of two extended tracks. “The Gift” begins the record with slowly building layers of bowed and looped percussion, harsh vocals, glistening tremolo guitars, and eerie piano played from the inside. The track ends with sparse, trance inducing, rolling, primordial percussion and mellifluously leads into the next.
The repetitive piano, bass, and percussion of "Our Epitaph" usher in dreamy, chanted, vocals. The instruments become locked in a slowly burning, hypnotic groove as layers of tape loops, guitars, and feedback gradually build and build. New Dominions is an extremely heavy record, but has few of the typical characteristics of a heavy album. The repetition and the subtle changes throughout the album make it all the more bleak and unsettling.

The artwork for the release was done by frequent Horseback collaborator and Russian occultist Denis Forkas Kostromitin. Side A of the LP consists of the album. Side B has an etching of Kostromitin’s “Omega Auroch” drawing. The last few aurochs exist in only one part of the world — the Bialowieza forest, one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe, which straddles the border between Poland and Balarus. The auroch convey many messages: man’s domination over nature — a fragile natural order, the futility of man’s ambitions (the extinguished candles), the bestial origin of all human religions and spiritual practices (the candelabrum coming out of the bull’s head), and the end of days represented by the inverted omega of the composition itself. The image on the album cover “The Wooden Word” is composed of seven aurochs forming the living basis for the church in the painting. The inspiration for the structure was the elaborate and ancient wooden churches — one of the sacred buildings built without a single nail — which even today stand tall in a few small Russian towns and villages. It is the eternal church of Evolution, the true house of tempest, the Devil’s seat. The church and auroch pieces echo each other, raise the liturgical feel and close the omega.

This collaborating represent the future of heavy music and the material on the release is in a category of its own next to Locrian’s The Crystal World and Horseback’s The Invisible Mountain

Check out The Gift and Our Epitaph by clicking on them.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cult Of The Seven Crowns Pre-Orders...

 live. Here is the breakdown of the pre-order package if you buy them all together at once.

GEHENNA 'Land Of Sodom II/Upon The Gravehill' Deluxe 7"/CD (White/350)
GRAVEHILL 'Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery' 12" (Oxblood/250)
PENETRATION PANTHERS 'Perpetual 80s' 7"(Clear w/Pink Swirls/300)
WITCH-LORD 'Atomized In The Black Solarian' 7" (Lime Haze/250)
GEHENNA 'ODRIEP' Bonus 7" Flexi (only 200 available exclusively for free with purchase of all 4 releases)

Grab the package now here

Or individually here

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Cult Of The Seven Crowns!

The pre-orders for the Cult Of The Seven Crowns package at A389 goes live on Friday!


GEHENNA ‘Land Of Sodom II/Upon The Gravehill’ Deluxe 7″/CD
We’re thrilled to announce that the 7″ is finally available with a few improvements to the original recordings, re-titling it ‘Land Of Sodom II’. Also included is a CD with the LOSII tracks and the never before available ‘Upon The Gravehill’ 12″ tracks. Comes in a deluxe 7″/CD gatefold package with a poster insert.

GRAVEHILL ‘Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery’ 12″
These were the only recordings to feature the lineup of R.T. on drums, Mike Apokalypse (Gehenna/Sangraal) on vocals and Shane BastardDemon (Devil/Penetration Panthers) on guitar. The end result is six tracks of classic black/death/trash metal in the vein of Celtic Frost, Sodom and Hellhammer.
Remasted by Kevin Bernsten and available for the first time on vinyl!
(Limited to 500 copies ever)

WITCH-LORD ‘Atomized In The Black Solarian’ 12″
Witch-Lord is the brainchild of DC Grave (Gehenna) playing nightmarish dark psychedelic doom that is best described by Mike Apokalypse as “what Black Sabbath would have sounded like if they took real drugs” Comes with a 22″x22″ poster insert! (Limited to 250 copies ever)

DC Grave (Gehenna) and Shane (Devil/Gravehill) have a newband that is full on raw early 80′s punk that sounds like a cross between early Black Flag and The Stooges. This 3 song ep is only a taste of what’s to come with the band’s upcoming full length. (Limited to 500 copies ever)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life In The Dark has a new tape available at Sunyata Recordings. Jump on it as there are less than 25 available at this point. Order here

New material. Two 15 minute tracks. Industrial insomnia.

The first marks the middle ground between the slowcore influence of "The Sunya Is Rising" and the Lovesliescrushing-worship of the recent 5-band split LP. Keyboard, synth, drum machine & voice.

The second is an extended ambient piece. Early Emeralds or Kevin Drumm drone works are a loose estimation, but this conveys a much different message. Depth, texture, synth, noise, death.

No gimmicks, no band members, no virtue, no happiness.

No idea who this is? Listen below for an idea. Awesome stuff. Essential.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Helms Alee's Weatherhead Pre-Order

 now live.

Three colors of vinyl (a double LP on Black, Green, or white / pink), CD, or Digital for you to sink your teeth into from this great band. This is the followup to the awesome Night Terror

Track Listing:
Elbow Grease
Music Box
Pretty as Pie
Anemone of the Wound
Mad Mouth
Epic Adventure Through the Wood (Sucker Punch)
Speed Sk8r
Pig Pile
Ripper No Lube
Born in Fiberglass

Order the vinyl here

Order the CD here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ascension Finally On LP

... well soon anyway. Jesu's latest album is up for pre-order of the vinyl persuasion over at Aural Exploits. So psyched to finally hear this on wax.

Ascension Limited edition deluxe version

A deluxe vinyl edition of Jesu's "Ascension" will be released on July 5th 2011 available exclusively through Aural Exploits, Caldo Verde and Jesu.

Aural Exploits in conjunction with Caldo Verde records are pleased to announce the release of a deluxe vinyl edition of Jesu's "Ascension".
Released as a deluxe limited edition of 1000 hand numbered copies.

Pressed on colored vinyl and housed in a gold stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket this exclusive edition (available only via Aural Exploits, Caldo Verde and Jesu) contains three 10" x 10" photo quality prints exclusive to this edition and suitable for framing.

There is also a Test Press contest going on for the record:

Please Note: We will be doing a drawing every week up until the release date for a test pressing of the album.
Each winner will be notified via email and the test pressings (one set of the double album) will be shipped to them with the album on release.

You will only be removed from the drawing if you have already won a copy of the test pressings.

Order here.