Monday, January 5, 2009

Top Music Lists of 2008

Sometime soon, the online zine which I write for, Scene Point Blank, will be publishing our year end Feature for 2008. We do it a bit later than other places, but we tend to jam releases that are released pretty late in the year into it. One of the pieces that I popped in will be my Top 5 EPs of 2008. 

EPs are great. They give artists a wide pallette to do many things with their music: experiment, expand, tease, hold over fans, etc. From a listeners point of view, EPs are usually a treat in some way. This year had quite a few which I enjoyed, and besides what you can see in Scene Point Blank's feature, here several more EPs that I liked that came out in 2008:

The Night Marchers- Scene Report (Swami)

Bulwarked by the great song "Scene Report", this single, which is available only from the band on tour, reminds me of why singles can be awesome. These quick three songs blast by with more fun and reckless rock n roll abandon than most horrific sounding garage acts can muster ever.  "Scene Report" itself is one of the Night Marchers best tracks and was recently included on the double LP issue of their debut album See You In Magic; so if you missed out on the single and don't want to pay ridiculous ebay prices...look there.

The Night Marchers- Mystery Machine/ Rock-a-Bye Maybe (Swami)

This is the second tour only single which the Night Marchers have released, and it is worth getting a hold of (again from the band on tour). I really like the Night Marchers are utilizing the single format; it is exciting going to see them and seeing a new single available. Although for those unadventureous types, you miss out on these records.

J. Bannon- The Blood of Thine Enemies (Deathwish Inc)

A haunting debut and teaser for future solo work from the vocalist of Converge and artist of note. The Blood of Thine Enemies is a marked departure and light years away from what Converge enthusiasts. The plinking piano, subtle swirling electronics and low bass hum underlay Bannon's clean vocal performance create this haunting atmosphere. The single is intriguing enough to create anticipation for more of this project. 

City of Ships- Tour (self released)

This little EP still serves as quite the pleasant surprise when I pop this on my stereo or headphones. A rocking 4 tracks from a powerful sounding three piece, this tour EP was just what I wanted at the time; and I didn't even realize it until I sat down to write my review of it. I cannot wait to see what City of Ships does next.

Haiyano Daisuki- Headbanger’s Karaoke Club Dangerous Fire (Hydra Head)

When I first put on Haiyano Daisuki's debut, I was frothing at the mouth expecting grind mayhem akin to vocalist Jon Chang's awesome Discordance Axis. Imagine my surprise when the thrashing style of Headbanger's Karaoke Club Dangerous Fire came rushing out of the speakers. The inital disappointment quickly wore off as I noticed a great many things that made this good in its own right. 

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