Friday, January 2, 2009

The Fine Art of Self Reflection and Other Nonsense

Maybe it comes with the territory of a new year turning the page; maybe it has to do with strange traditions around this time of year, but lately much of my energy has been turned to re-evaluating things that I have done, am working on currently, will be working on, should be working on, et cetera et cetera. My wife and I have spoken a couple of times about New Years Resolutions and such wondering if either of us were going to make any. Normally, I steer clear of these types of "traditions" because they feel so shallow or trivial to me. Still, the goals that I set for myself seem to actually be these types of resolutions (mine just are not lose x amount of pounds or go to the gym more often type of resolutions). 

Some of my goals for 2009 include, but are not limited to:
- Get tattooed by my wife
- Record the first Gholas full length and release it
- Graduate from Graduate school with my Master's
- Write my first novel
- Less Quantity, More Quality
- Write 100 reviews this coming year for SPB
- Write 12 articles for SPB
- Go on at least one vacation where I leave the tri-state area
- Write this blog regularly
- Get My brother to write his novel

Some of those look daunting, particularly getting my brother to write his novel as he is lazy. Even now, I look at that list and ask myself what the hell am I thinking trying to do all of this this year. But, that is why they are goals...things to shoot for completing. 

Are these ridiculous? Who knows? I would have these goals regardless of if it was a New Year or not so maybe they would not seem that way in this case. 

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