Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My brain is fried. Thinking is pretty hard right now. I am over the half way mark for this current graduate class term, but this back to back situation that I put myself in really is hurting my brain. And while Rainer Maria is playing in the headphones, I cannot seem to bring myself to do to much at this point. Oh well, less than 3 weeks to go.

Monday, March 23, 2009

And a second...

My wife started her second and completed her first tattoo (which is actually the 2nd tattoo as the 1st tattoo that she started was only an outline) this past Saturday. Everything is looking good so far as she really has a sense for shading that some tattoo artists take years to understand and accomplish in their tattooing. Her confidence is building and she is getting better at the line work as she goes. I will keep updating progress in the coming weeks with pictures soon.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A First...

Last night, my wife started her first tattoo. So far, it is looking pretty strong, particularly for a first one. Once we get them together, pictures will start being posted. Now it is time to line up more people for her to experiment on...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yes, that Serious...

Busy, Busy, Busy

Full swing with lots of happenings and little time to actually think. Maybe this is solely a perception that I have right now, but it is a strong impression that is pretty pervasive in how my time is occupied. Somehow, my time management skills are working pretty well right now and almost in a habitual way, which is actually scary. Ah well, I guess that is something I have to resign myself to being able to do.

Only a month left for this term of graduate school and I have to say it will not be a moment too soon. Right now, I am falling behind in house work, both inside and soon to be outside as the weather is warming up around here.

Nadja is my latest musical obsession, and good thing that the duo has a full slate of a bagillion releases coming out soon. Their split, Primitive North, with A Storm of Light is awesome, and I can't wait to get the records in my hand. If interested, check out Robotic Empire and their webstore to purchase.

Monday, March 9, 2009

More Great news...this time from the Justin Broadrick camp

Jesu, GreyMachine news & 2 more new digital download releases

jesu NEWS

Live at ATP Festival 'Fans Strike Back' 08 May 2009 to 10 May 2009, Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead, England
Live at ATP / PRIMAVERA Festival , Barcelona, Spain From 28th To 30th May
'Opiate Sun' EP Caldo Verde July 2009. CD & Vinyl
'Infinity' LP- Avalanche Recordings June 2009. One song LP. CD, Vinyl & digital Download.
'Heart Ache' - 2xCD Hydra Head Version (2nd CD Bonus Unreleased EP from 2003) Sept 09
ENVY/jesu - Split LP (Hydra Head CD Version) Inc. Unconfirmed Bonus Mix


- 'Disconnected' CD - June 23rd, Vinyl - May date TBA.
'Vultures Descend' b/w 'We Are All Fucking Liars (Version)'12" Vinyl Single only. LTD. April/May Hydra Head.

Avalanche Recs. two new digital download only releases :


White Static Demon is a new Justin K Broadrick project for which he has been working on recordings for over one year. Again, like Council Estate Electronics, White Static Demon was inspired by Justin collecting and compiling material from Final cassette releases on his Post Mortem Rekordings label circa 1984-87, specifically the early uncompromising brutal power electronics driven Final, unlike Council Estate Electronics which was inspired by the more open ended Throbbing Gristle / Tangerine Dream ('Phaedra' most notably) inspired Final of old. JKB, excited again by this eighties power electronics sound and what inspired Final to take this direction initially in 1984/85, namely Ramleh / Broken Flag, Whitehouse / Come Org, Consumer Electronics / Iphar and M.B (Maurizio Bianchi) set about revitalising and revisiting this hateful / black / power electronics sound, utilizing analogue electronics and voice only, coupled with a now more mature, textured and psychedelic approach to the production of such material, JKB throughout 2008 and now 2009 has been recording sessions for this new and what will become a prolific project. Presented here is the first album, available in the digital format only, like Council Estate Electronics, there are many releases forthcoming on both vinyl and CDr across many labels. 'Decayed' has three tracks running with a total time of 54 Minute approx. Short mid quality MP3 extracts are downloadable at the Avalanche Store

SOLARIS BC - 'Submerged Technology' (AREC015)
Solaris BC was yet another short lived Justin K Broadrick project, designed to be released on his also short lived label Lo Fibre circa 1995-96. Lo Fibre released four 12" EP's throughout this period, the label was intended to be an outlet for JKB and related to release minimal / lo fi techno. Around this same period JKB and Kevin Martin (The Bug / Techno-Animal / etc) also worked the minimal / maximal techno project The Sidewinder for Mille Plateaux/Force Inc and Virgin, this culminated in two releases, the album 'Colonized' which was released on the aforementioned labels and the 12" Vinyl only EP 'Implant' for the Lo Fibre label, The Sidewinder and Solaris BC projects ran parallel to each other around this period, and both recorded albums - 'Colonized' saw a release whilst the Solaris BC album presented here for the first time waited for release on Sentrax whilst the label re-assessed its distribution, unfortunately Sentrax then folded and JKB shelved the Solaris BC album indefinitely until now. 'Submerged Technology' is the full album as it was intended for release in 1996, remastered by JKB in late 2008. Eight tracks in 55 Minutes approx. of completely unreleased material.Short mid quality MP3 extracts are downloadable at the Avalanche Store

Recent & Forthcoming JKB Remixes / Production

LUSTMORD Justin K Broadrick Remix
CONSTANTS Justin K Broadrick Remix
N.I.C JKFlesh/JKB Album Production & Mix

Forthcoming Justin K Broadrick Collaborations

Justin K Broadrick & Andrew Broder - LP

FINAL - 'Dead Air' CD. UTECH
FINAL - 'Reading All The Right Signals Wrong' Vinyl LP. NO QUARTER (CD Version with exclusive mixes July 09)

FINAL - 'Fade Away' LTD Vinyl Version . IMPORTANT RECS
FINAL - 'Origins 1983-87'. LTD 5xCD SET. LTD 5 xLP BOXSET.
FINAL - 'Infinite Guitar 3'. LTD CDR
FINAL - 'Guitar & Bass Improvisations'. LTD CDR
METHOD OF DEFIANCE - 'TBA'. JKB - Guitars (Project with Bill Laswell, Wata (Boris), Submerged, Dr Israel, Enduser).

Coalesce update

This is just in from Coalesce's MySpace page.

from coalesce:
ox is coming soon. we're hearing mid may. we'll be sure to give you all the date as soon as possible. we're all very excited about how the layout turned out, and can't wait to get our own greasy mits on the thing. And lastly, we'll be heading back into the studio in a couple weeks to record a good 7-9 tracks for a corresponding ep for ox and the opportunity to hang out with ed rose in studio a at black lodge recording studios in the fine town of eudora, ks. bob morley plays there all the time.

keep your ears on the tracks, 

and hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of you real soon.

I am certainly excited.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gholas T-Shirts and Pins

So now Gholas has T-shirts and pins available. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these items or our fine record, visit here (the Gholas myspace page); and the information for ordering will be there.  The Pins come free with a purchase of a shirt ($12ppd) or, if you have not acquired a record yet $20 PPd for a record, t-shirt, and all three pins. 

Three different kinds of pins. Chris is a nut and made two different designs and a variation of one of the designs and we ended up going with the variation. This one is the variation on the record cover.

This pin is a variation on the t-shirt image.

This was Chris's baby...I think it is a Dore image, but I am probably wrong.

Here are the T-Shirts. One simple design from Chris featuring a famous writer. He originally wanted to get these done using discharge printing, but that was prohibitively expensive for us right now and Chris's design was too complicated. Maybe some day we will be able to get those done; we will have to see.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pseudo Existential Crises...and not Wanting to Work

So, my second Graduate class has started, and boy is the work load intense, a marked contrast to the last class. I would be lying if it did not cause me a great deal of anxiety over the last several days; combine that with the work situation, and I am exhausted by the thought of it all. The class workload probably is no big deal, but the difference in the two is such a shock. I had a great deal of hope that this class would be similar to the last one in every way; in fact, that would have been more than ideal.

Oh, well, time to suck it up and get to work. I find myself letting go and thinking just a little more than five weeks to go and then a break. 

A break? I am really looking forward to that.