Thursday, January 8, 2009

Debut records from 2008.

Hearing good new bands is something that I really enjoy getting to do. It might be one of my favorite aspects of music; hearing different combinations of people making really great music is awesome and just never seems to get old. To an extent this goes against common attitudes that many people have (comparing new bands negatively to vaunted bands of the past is a common occurrence), but this strikes me as really strange.

In any case, 2008 had a bunch of great new records. My list over at Scene Point Blank barely scratched the surface of some of the great debut records that came out this year. I definitely had more that were more than worth mentioning so here are more debuts by bands and people that were noteworthy in 2008:

True Widow- True Widow (End Sounds) 

True Widow's self titled debut is good on many different levels and full of subtle beauty. It is tough to really pick pieces of the record out so listening to it from start to finish is really the only way to listen to it. True Widow made a cohesive record that makes me jealous. Definitely a record more people need to check out.

Gods and Queens- Untitled (Robotic Empire/ Adagio 830 / Dead Format)

Noisy and urgent sounding, Gods & Queens untitled debut hits people in the gut with a thick sound and volume to match. A real killer that finds its way onto more stereos because it is that good. I really hate comparing bands to others so...go listen to them and make up your own damn mind. If you go to the Robotic Obscurities blog (linked to mine over there to your right), there are some demos and rarities from the band as well.

Aughra- Proof of Dark Matter| Light the Lights (Magic Bullet)

Aesthetically speaking, Brett Eyestone (the lone member of Aughra) contines to put out great art and music. Proof of Dark Matter | Light the Lights is the long time coming first full length from this ambient/ soundscape project, and it continues and broadens the paths which Aughra has tread on a 7", Cassettes, split, and an EP/Book. Hopefully there is more to come from Mr. Eyestone with Aughra. 

Mamiffer- Hirror Enniffer (Hydra Head)

Calling this album infectious to my personal ears would be an understatement.  The more that I listen to it, the more it creeps into my listening habits (to the tune of my listening to it 2 to 3 times a day at present). It is a beautiful sounding record and though it might not be considered a true full length, it is a deserving debut. It is brutal because now I need to hear more from Mamiffer...damn them for being so good.

The Gutter Twins- Saturnalia (Sub Pop) 

The long talked about pairing of Greg Dulli (of Afghan Wigs and Twighlight Singers fame) and Mark Lanegan (of shredded vocals, Queens of the Stone Age, Screaming Trees fame) does not disappoint in any way. I think this record sounds incredibly sleezy (in a great way) and just sounds great. Think of a dark, smoky night club and this record could probably be the soundtrack.

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