Friday, November 19, 2010

2 New EARTH ALBUMS in 2011???!!!!

Hammer Smashed Sound is saying this about Earth next year. I am excited as hell. This is supposed to be the artwork for the first album due in February.

HSS: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light: "Earth has two new albums coming out next year. The first of the two, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I, drops on February 7, 2011 via So..."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Integrity at Scion LA This Past Weekend

Here is some live video of Integrity from this past weekend. The set list was real good, and thankfully these are available for those of us unable to attend. Enjoy:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Music Ruins Lives Is Busy

The Music Ruins Lives folks are busy people. Hot on the heels of the Planning For Burial / Lonesummer split, the label put up pre-orders for two new releases.

Airs (pictured above)- Rainclouds Over The Remains Of Hope on limited CD (to 50) ...

Greys- In Fades on limited Cassette (to 25)

Listen to bits of both here.

Pre-order them here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

On Gholas, Planning For Burial, and the Whole Weekend

The weekend was a blast, a blast. The Friday Gholas show with Dangerbird and pals went extremely well (screaming "500 Ft. High!" during the Dangerbird set is always fun). A good turnout and smiles all around after the initial hiccups were gotten over by peoples. Seeing friends and former bandmates is always fun (Creation Is Crucifixion still rules Larry, "The Data Body" and "We Live and Die By The Code!")

Saturday was fun as hell at the Planning For Burial / Lonesummer split record release. In a low key affair, Giles Corey, Planning For Burial, and Lonesummer gave everyone there a great earful. It was excellent to see such a great group of people enjoying themselves. Pick up the Planning For Burial / Lonesummer split while you are at it... here.

The Saturday evening Gholas show with Rosetta, Restorations, and Bats & Mice was awesome as well (we all felt real good after playing). A bunch of people seemed to have a great time.

Thanks to anyone that came out. We all appreciate it.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

WRNLRD Death Drive

One of the music outfits that I have been exposed to while writing for Scene Point Blank was that of WRNLRD. There is a new record coming out called Death Drive, that a bunch of people might be into checking out. Here is an interview with the main individual behind WRNLRD that I thought was pretty interesting and gave a bit of insight into this new record.

Here's a bit more of an idea of the release's cover:

Here is a trailer for the record:

Death Drive Trailer from Flingco Sound System on Vimeo.

Order here

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hot Damn!

The Seminal Cro-Mags album, Age of Quarrel, is getting the re-release treatment on vinyl (180 Gram no less) in this breakdown:

100 solid black
400 clear red/solid black swirl
500 clear red

Pre-Orders go up December 10th here

Gholas Record Release Weekend

It's Gholas record release weekend for загадка (pronounced Zagadka, it is Russian for Puzzle). We hope to see you at one of these shows and the secret before show party


This is one of my favorite bands. I thought this is one of the more interesting looks at the short lived group, as so little information seems to be around about their initial run (not including the 1991 incarnation or the oughts incarnation. New Age is a good song.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Descendents... Awesome

Through the years, I have developed a special affinity for the Descendents ever since getting hooked on the first few seconds of Coffee Mug (you try keeping that rapid fire "Mug! Mug! Mug!" out of your head). Well, the band were a last minute addition to the Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup this past weekend; and, even though I was not able to attend, there are videos dropping online of the event.

Here are some below:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cave In Anomalies Vol. 1 Pre-Order

Pre-Orders for Cave In's first rarities collection are up at Hydra Head now with a late November ship date. I am most excited about this record because it will have one of my favorite Cave In songs ever, Inflatable Dream, among its tracks. This is a vinyl only release.

Order Here.

Here is the track list:

Mr. Co-Dexterity
Inflatable Dream
I Luv I Jah
Innuendo And Out The Other (Demo)

Here is a video of Inflatable Dream:

Have A Nice Life Live DVD????!!!!

Hot off the presses or something to that effect. Apparently a live DVD of Have A Nice Life's first show at the Stone will be released in December. So for those that missed that show, or them period when they played, here is your chance.


Monday, November 8, 2010

House Of Low Culture Housing Tracts


Mr. Turner has finally released a digital version of Housing Tracts from his project, House Of Low Culture, after previously only being available as a long gone limited CD-R (to 25). He does mention that this release might see a vinyl release in the future, to which we can only hope.

For more information and ordering info, go here.

There is an MP3 and a FLAC version available for just $5.00. Have at it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

House Of Low Culture / Mamiffer Split Pre-orders

The CD version of the House Of Low Culture / Mamiffer split is up for pre-order along with a ton of other releases coming soon through Utech. This should be good; I cannot wait to hear new material from both outfits. Pre-order here.