Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Radio and Playing on It

Gholas was able to play on the radio, 91.7 in Philadelphia (Drexel Radio) on Sunday. It was a real good time. All of us enjoyed it, and I hope Adam (the host/engineer) did as well. Adam rules. We played a decent batch of songs; here is the setlist (with pertinent and anecdotal details):

1. And the Lives Come Flooding (this song is almost a year old to the band; we think it came out well)

2. the Witch (working title, this seems to be a band favorite, possibly the beginning of something new)

3. 9000 Reasons (Us playing really damn heavy and discordant; again it sounds pretty good)

4. Untitled (This was not broadcast due to some issues; I can't wait to hear it though)

5. Her Trainwreck (Off Here I Am, Here Is Infinity, a decent version)

6. Do We Dream (Another off the record, and another decent version)

7. The Void (A really old song that is affectionately called the room clearer; we hope to record this the right way some time soon)

8. Walk Without Rhythm (Working title, not broadcasted...we just played this to lay down a demo)

We also attempted to play our newest work. It was a mess haha. But the rest of the set was pretty awesome. During "Walk Without Rhythm" a weird whistle like someone trying to get us to stop playing happened. Adam, Chris (our guitarist), and myself heard it. None of us knew where it came from or how it happened, but it was very distinct and very real.

Once Adam gets the session all together for us, we will be releasing it in a very limited quantity on cassettes and maybe a small CD run. We will see. 

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