Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Gods And Queens

The three dudes in Gods And Queens are up the creek right now and need people's help.

Before I repost the sordid tale, go here and here and drop a pittance on some of their records to help them out.

There is also a benefit show for them in Philly... go here for the details

Here is the tale for those living under a rock:

Uhm…We need some help.
I´m going to try and make this as short as I can. After all these years of touring in unsafe vans, and doing stupid things, I guess I was over due for this… We had a serious van accident in route from our show in Graz, Austria to Dresden, Germany, somewhere along the highway in the Czech.
I was asleep in the back of the van, so I’m unsure of what exactly happened. All I know is I felt the van skidding out and we started to slide and roll over. Not sure exactly how many times the van flipped but it was more than enough. I started screaming for everyone to tell me they were OK. Gertjan check, Ben check, Sara check, and I didnt hear Jeff.

Ben pulled me out through the windshield and I took off running, screaming for help with blood pouring down my face. I honestly though Jeff was dead. A car stopped and a slew of women started screaming at me and I was screaming at them. We were in the middle of no where and as I was running two things came to mind, I think Jeff is dead, and I hope I don´t get shot like Artimus Pyle. A woman pulled me into her house and her husband and son ran to the van crash site. I found Gertjan, and he said everyone is OK. The family started talking to me via Google Translation telling me everyone is safe and that an amublance is on the way.

The ambulance comes takes us to a hospital, we get taken care of…sort of. The police arrive on the scene and inform us that we aren´t leaving until the medical bills are paid in full. The were so kind enough to escort Sara and myself to an ATM machine to pay the entire lump of the bills in full on the spot. Even after we signed some strange papers saying we have 30 day with proof of citizenship, etc. What the fuck ever right? We asked where Gertjan was, and their respone was…prison. 300 phone calls and around €3,000 later we are out of the damned Czech and safe in Germany.

Long short, we are all somewhat OK. Jeff broke his collarbone, Ben got his hand jacked up, I am pretty alright, Gertjan is OK, as well as Sara. The van is destroyed. Booking these tours ourself really made me realize that we are 100% on our own. We had no one to call, no one to “rescue” us. I made 3 phone calles and the entire German punk scene came to our rescue. God damn thank you. Our new friends from Dresden Germany came to get us at the drop of a hat, no questions asked. Thank you.

So here it is, we are 3 grown adult males in our 30´s who play in a punk band. We are all stage hands at R5 Productions in Philly. That´s what we do to enable us to be here in Europe doing this. Never in our lives have we needed help like we do now. If you want to help us, please go to and purchas a record for $1.99. If you ever laughed at one of my awful jokes, or spend hours talking with us after a show, and you would like to help, please do. I always though our band would have too much pride to ask for help, but I am pretty sure we all agree that this time we need it. If you would like to help in any form please do jamiegetz(at) is the paypal address if you are inclined to do so. We will also accept first class upgrades on US Air, Delta or Virgin.


Now show some community spirit and cough up the duckets.

Life In The Dark 's Latest

... is now available for order.

Life In The Dark is increasingly becoming an essential project to check in with for every small release that Zen conjures. Apparently, his new tape, Absolute Control, is a shift in direction.

A new beginning, a new sound. Unhappy, british industrial insomnia. It's cold outside. Very limited edition.

I can't wait to hear this.

Go grab while you can as every Life In The Dark release sells out very quickly; I am actually surprised there are some left at this point. Get it here.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Handmade Birds Breaks All Our Banks

Handmade Birds caps off an insane year of releasing with one last batch of 5 releases (brutal but hey it's Christmas... now you know what to ask for from your loved ones) that range all over the musical spectrum.

And it looks as though they will be slowing down the production schedule this coming year, but there are some doozy records coming:

Coming sometime this upcoming spring (2012)




Following on the heels of Social Disservices


YES!!! the new full length finally.


The CD press of the lauded LP out recently on Handmade Birds.


NEW full lengths from Locrian with Christoph Heemann, Utarm, lovesliescrushing, Our Love Will Destroy The World, Jason Zeh, and vinyl issues of The Autumns classic "Angel Pool" and the Celestiial masterwork "Where Life Springs Eternal"

Love Demian Johnson's work (Great Falls, PLaying Enemy, Hemingway, the almighty Kiss It Goodbye, to name a few), grab this (artwork above) while you can because his releases never last long.

You may know him as the artist that did the cover for many of your favorite albums and/or tour posters. Or maybe you are a long time patron of the Dead Accents label, where Demian continues to remain king of innovative packaging ideas. Or maybe you have caught wind via his Handmade Birds artist page that he has a slew of solo releases under his belt, most of which are long sold out. Or maybe you just know him as an artist (visit to check out his current prints for sale) Whatever you may or may not know about Demian, there are only 77 copies of this new solowork, "If They Even Find Me", and the one thing we know is they won't last. Solid packaging design that includes a cassette booklet full of orginal art by Demian, and his best music to date, without question.

Edition: 77; The first 17 copies are black ink on white shell, and the other 60 are white ink on black shell.

Order here

This is a new act, sounds are just below for you to check out.

Formed in 2000 as Kafka Dreams, the trio quickly began a sister project to KD under the Dreamless moniker. A blistering wall of sound envelopes infectious melody akin to no less than the absolute best moments of classic HUM, which are then buried within an incredibly dense sonic wall too delicious to describe (yes, delicious). We cannot get enough of this record, a classic in every way from the album title to the complexity of texture and quality, this is one gem you should not be afraid to sample on the band's page before grabbing a copy (stream the entire album at

First 100 pre-orders will get a complimentary copy of the Kafka Dreams "Threnodic" CD.

Order here

Personally interested in this record following my being drawn in with his split with Celestiial (another band that Handmade Birds introduced me to in the first place) Blood of the Black Owl comes with this single track on a split.

Since 2005, collaborators Chet W. Scott and James Woodhead have fashioned incredibly moving and innovative music as The Elemental Chrysalis. During this time, each has made his mark exploring a deeply personal journey as solo artist- Chet as Blood of the Black Owl, and James as At the Head of the Woods. With both projects creating incredible snapshots into their respective journies, here, on a split crafted over a long period, and arriving at the cusp of new full length material from both, the presence of these long time pioneers could not be felt in a more rich and inspiring way. This is a limited release, featuring art by James Woodhead and design by Chet W. Scott.

Edition: 500 copies total, first run of 300.

Order here

TRVTH was one of those special albums this year. Don't miss out on the follow up.

Summer Solstice, 2011, Servile Sect released the "Trvth" LP, to tremendous critical acclaim, and it sold out rapidly. Winter Solstice, 2011, they return with a companion to the "Trvth" LP. "Svrrender" is the most exciting material yet from SS, and dare we say it...our favorite. If you are still hunting for a copy of "Trvth," don't miss this one.

Edition: 250 copies; art by Demian Johnston.

Order here

Servile Sect founding members Luke (aka Sadness Saturn) and Nhate (aka Golden Raven, also of Ash Borer fame), come together with their respective solo projects to offer this split cassette.

Edition: 100, Art and design by Jon Clue and Jeremy Dyer . When they're gone, they're gone...

Order here

Friday, November 25, 2011

A389 Black Friday Releases: Pale Creation

This record has a real special place in my heart; one that I will not get into here. Twilight Haunt is the shining example of what Pale Creation can and has done with their music... their piece de resistance if you will. This is finally available on vinyl and will go quickly.

Fans, the wait is over.

Hailing from the Cleveland area, PALE CREATION took their cues from their peers in INTEGRITY and RINGWORM and fused it with the Darkwave/Goth influnces of such bands as Joy Division and Ministry.

Originally released on CD in 1999 via East Coast Empire, PALE CREATION's masterpiece 'Twilight Haunt' is now available for the first time on vinyl as a limited edition one-time pressing of 250 copies with never before seen photos/lyrics.

The time has come to accept this gift of art.

Order here

A389 Black Friday Releases: Anne

Anne is a huge step in a new direction for A389; actually, the idea that this record is coming out on this label is still rather mind blowing. Dream Punx comes on two colors of vinyl (black and a Purple / White halo type mix, which is pretty sharp looking) as well as with a download card.

We're thrilled to bring something new to the table in the form of Portland, Oregon's shoegaze band: ANNE. 'Dream Punx' is their debut LP which consists of new material alongside tracks from their highly sought-after self released mixtapes. Fans of My Bloody Valentine and Lush rejoice, you may have found your new favorite band.

Get the Purple / White halo type mix vinyl here and the black vinyl color here

A389 Black Friday Releases: Enforcers

Another monster release from A389, Enforcers sound tough as hell on this debut LP, The End Of Time. The LP comes with a download card and on two color variations for your choosing (Black and Red).

Hailing from the city of Montreal and boasting ex-members of A Death For Every Sin/Final Word, ENFORCERS unleash their debut 12" which delivers the perfect dose of early 1990s NYHC crossover in the vein of STIGMATA and 'Best Wishes'-era CRO-MAGS.

Order here for the Red vinyl and here for the black vinyl

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Burial Hex Releases In Psychic Defense

New Burial Hex...

Grab it quick:

12″ one sided silkscreened limited edition of 300

In psychic defense” is the last work of Clay Ruby as Burial Hex. With this record Burial Hex faces a new chapter in his music where noise, post-punk, a wise use of the rythm, experimental wave and dark melodies match together in a perfect balance.
The record is elaborated as a protection spell in psychic self-defense, and the lyrics are from an old hymn to the Archangel Michael, always been seen as a leader and protector of the faithful.
This one sided also confirms the collaboration between Clay Ruby and Troy Schafer, who wrote and performed all the bass and guitar parts.

Order here

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Sounds from Sequences

A little late on this, but Sequences is involved in this three way split / collaboration; so, it is due attention.

Monolithic riffing and ambient drones by Syndrome (soloproject from Mathieu V. from Amenra), Monotonos and Sequences.
Fall of Man was conceived to commemorate their combined Paris show on the 3d of November 2011. Each band contributed one brandnew and previously unreleased track, with the last track of the album being an exclusive collaborative effort.
Only 200 hand numbered copies available on cd (NO cd-r). The cd is held by an envelope and accompanied by 6 customized cardboard cards.

1. Moon when Wolves run Together (12'24")
By Syndrome
2. All seemed so clear, yet now so distorted (13'38")
By Monotonos
3. Shattered Gleam (12'04")
By Sequences
4. Layered (15'56")
By Syndrome, Monotonos & Sequences

Order here

Listen here:

Fall Of Man (CD) by CON009

Speaking of Sequences... Part Deux

Check these videos out of a recent live performance while you are at it.

Sequences live in Paris 03/11/'11 (Pt. 1) from SQNCS on Vimeo.

Sequences live in Paris 03/11/'11 (Pt. 2) from SQNCS on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sutekh Hexen Now Available...

The 3x7" set of their first three cassette tapes Constellation, Ritualistic and Alters tapes.

Silk-screened covers with artwork courtesy of Si Clark.

Limited to only 99 copies, so don't sleep on it.

Order here

Monday, November 21, 2011

Imminent Frequencies Now Offers...

...two new tapes.

First up is the latest from Developer... harsh noise at it's finest.

Harsh music concrete and tape assemblage from Matthew Reis. A prominent member of Ohio's experimental music scene, Reis (Teeth Collection, Factotum Tapes)
has become synonymous for his explorations of electro-acoustic music. First with his Teeth Collection project and now under the guise of Developer, Reis has moved
into exploring the areas of tape-based harsh noise and music concrete. Reis's style of improv tape music takes cues from Burrough's cut-ups while forging a new
kind of (harsh) experimentation.

IF15 - DEVELOPER "IF15" c30

Listen to a sample here

Limited to just 50 copies so grab it quick

Next up is the tape from Collapsed Arc.

Kinetic blown out sound loops by Cleveland, Ohio sound and visual artist David Russell. Collapsed Arc finds Russell's (Jerk, The David Russell Snake, Relentless Corpse) latest project immersed in an amalgamation of field recordings, contact mic experiments and appropriated vocal banter- masterfully melded together into loops of auditory chaos. Despite the non-musical nature of many of these sounds like any good pop song they lure you in. Disjointed sound sculpture for the musical masses.

IF14 - COLLAPSED ARC "IN CURSIVE" c20 in an edition of 100

Listen to a sample here

Order both tapes at Imminent Frequencies

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gilead Media Support Post

So Gilead Media is hurting... go here to read more in depth, but this great label needs the help of the community that is made up of us weirdo record buying nerds so that it can continue to feed our addictions.

Gilead has recently repressed a bunch of great records (like the Ash Borer / Fell Voices split, the Fell Voices LP, and the recently released False album), so go help them out by purchasing these or any other records that catch your fancy.

Check it out here

Listen to some of the Gilead Releases below:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Do You Enjoy Locrian? How About Mamiffer?

...well, these two outfits have a collaborative release coming in early 2012 (awesome), and it is sure to be breathtaking considering their respective discographies to this point.

Here are some particulars:

Recorded in Chicago IL by Greg Norman. Mixed by Randall Dunn in Seattle WA.

CD on Profound Lore, limited CD release (with a bonus track) on Daymare records in Japan, 2xLP on Utech/SIGE, and cassette release on SIGE/Land of Decay.

Track titles:

1. In Fulminic Blaze
2. Bless Them That Curse You
3. Corpus Luteum
4. Second Burial
5. Lechatelierite
6. Metis/Amaranthine/The Emperor

This is going to be exciting for sure.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Luciform Repress

In case you missed out on this churning masterpiece by Sutekh Hexen, here is your chance to remedy the situation and pick this sucker up on yellow vinyl. Don't snooze a second time. It is one of the best records this year.

Order here

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunyata New Release: LVDK / Disintegration Split

Up now from Sunyata is a split tape that is not to be missed, the participants are hush hush, and it is going to be a doozy.

gloom, doom, lust + loss split release from familiar voices, this time obscured by a lo-fi mist of anonymity. complete desolation.

Limited to just 25 copies, and trust me, you will hate yourself if you do not grab this ASAP.

Get it here

Sunyata New Release: Obolus

This tape from Obolus is a new release from our friends across the sea, Sunyata.

debut recording of new project from the US. two sides of melodic, arresting black metal that straddles the middle-ground between tradition and progression. artwork by bryan proteau.

Limited to just 25 copies and they will go quickly.

Order Here

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Burning Witch 4xLP Reissue... Finally

Southern Lord finally put up the pre-order for this Collection. I was stoked until I saw the price tag, but here is the final tally:

This beast has been in the works for over 3 years! The wait is finally over! The last nails have been pounded into the Burning Witch coffin!

Although Burning Witch only actually existed for a short period of time (1995–1998) the absolutely crushing impact they left is immense! This box compiles every authorized (ie: listenable) recording the band ever made.

The 4x single lps included are:

Towers... LP - Recorded by Steve Albini during the vernal equinox 1996 at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle. Originally released as a demo tape in 1996 then released by Slap-A-Ham on vinyl in 1998. 2k were pressed. Southern Lord released a cd version (including Rift.Canyon.Dreams) in 1998. Remastered from the original 1/2" master tape (lost until this version) by Mell Dettmer.

Rift.Canyon.Dreams - Recorded by Aaron Evil during the autumnal equinox 1997 at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle. Originally released by Merciless Records on LP in 1998. 500 were pressed. Not only is this lp super rare the covers were very flimsy so most existing copies have alot of cover damage! Southern Lord released a cd version (including Towers ) in 1998.

Bleeder b/w Rift.Canyon.Dreams. - Bleeder was a unreleased track from the Towers... (Albini) session. It originally came out on the split CD with Goatsnake on Hydra Head in 2000 now out of print. This song has never been released on vinyl (although test pressings for the Goatsnake split were made finished vinyl was never produced), the Rift.Canyon.Dreams track was an unfinished outtake from the Rift.Canyon.Dreams session. It was mixed/completed by Dahlquist & Randall Dunn circa 2003 and then released on a split with ASVA (BW bassists Stuart Dahlquists’ then new project). 475 copies were pressed. The track was remixed by O’Malley and Dunn in 2007 released on the "Crippled Lucifer" 2xcd reissue via SLR and is the version presented here.

Live at the China Club 1996 - Raw, grimm live evocation is the only Witch recording ever released with original 2nd guitarist Greg Anderson. This incantation was captured in Ballard, WA at the China Club (previously known as the Red Dragon) in 1996. The Witch was opening for At The Gates and Napalm Death. Anderson played 2 shows with Burning Witch, this being the second (and last!) This is the first time this is available on vinyl. Although not as realized as the studio recordings this give a dark vision of the horror that was to come!

Also included in this book is a perfect bound 40 page 12’ X12" BOOK. An aggressive visual documentation of the History of Burning Witch. Many never before seen photos + graphics specifically chosen for this release and some liner notes from Aaron Turner (Hydra Head Records / ISIS) and Chris Dodge (SPAZZ, Slap-a-Ham Records).

Included bound into the book is a DVD of never before released Burning Witch performances. First is video of the bands 1st ever live show from the Pioneer Square Theater in Seattle, May 1996. This is the lineup with Greg Anderson on 2nd guitar. The second is the infamous Burning Witch performance on Public Access television from 27 Live in Seattle February 1997. The dvd was edited by Alan Dubin (Khanate) and includes a menu and full credits.

All LPs are pressed on 180 gram virgin black vinyl and housed in high quality Stoughton printed tip-on and direct to board jackets. All of this darkness is enshrouded by a heavy duty Stoughton made slip-case. $100 each + shipping

Finally... An exclusive shirt is available ONLY when pre-ordering the box. Featuring a exclusive design that Stephen O’Malley personally chose.

This massive collection is available to pre-order here

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tape Label Spotlight: Worthless Recordings

Having been alerted to the existence of Worthless Recordings by Dead Formats, I checked out their releases and was knocked out by a bunch of their releases, particularly their Burial Ground "Living Dead" series (Burial Ground is doing a series on the George Romero zombie movies). Seeing as how the latest Burial Ground is now available (limited to 30 tapes) and is the last of the Living Dead series, and Worthless also released a tape from Worn Vessel (The Refuse Of Nature limited to 50).

Check out Worthless for yourself here; there are sound samples and ordering information for interested parties.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The A Death Cinematic / Great Falls Split...

...finally sees the light of day!

A meeting of two disparate acts joining forces to create a compelling split release.

Order here from A Death Cinematic or here from Dead Accents