Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Year End Lists

Being that with the sheer amount of music being created all the time, it is bound to happen that people will miss out on albums, EPs, what have you. In this case, given the facts, it can also be extrapolated that people could continually miss good music. If such music continually is missed, these pieces of music can and might fall into obscurity and being rendered out of print. Another scenario that might cause a record to go out of print could be that the original label that issued the release could no longer support the release or keep it in print due to finances (it happens). Yet another scenario (which is mostly tasteless in my opinion) is when a label purchases a release from the original label with the express intent to re-issue the music. 

Regardless how one views them Re-Issues can be a tricky thing. Sometimes, the re-issue is more than worth it as the record label puts a lot of time, love, and effort into the new version of the record; while, at other times, the re-issue comes out with nothing different from the original release and seems to be nothing more than a cash grab. Besides the list that I wrote which will be available on Scene Point Blank here are more Reissues/ Rarities comps that were worth it to me that were released in 2008:

Envy- All the Footprints You’ve Ever Left… (Temporary Residence)
Envy- Compiled Fragments (Temporary Residence)
Envy- A Dead Sinking Story (Temporary Residence)

The re-issue series which Temporary undertook to make available or more widely available is possibly questionable. Though I am not sure how available All The Footprints... and A Dead Sinking Story were at the time, but Compiled Fragments never was really all that widely available in the United States. Nothing new was really done with the records, but at least they are out and people can find them. The records themselves are all excellent and well worth getting. People who already owned them, though, really have no reason to pick them up again.

Hot Water Music- Till the Wheels Fall Off (No Idea)

This nifty collection compiles demos, outtakes, compilation tracks etc that normally took a lot of tracking down to collect. Neatly packaging all of this material and making it available in one place is a boon for Hot Water Music fans.

Rocket From the Crypt- All Systems Go Vol. 3 (Vagrant/ Swami)

Another nice collection that takes unreleased tracks and combines them with singles and alternate versions of songs from the massive Rocket From the Crypt catalog. This record really produces some nice gems (Like "Total Bummer") as well as funny liner notes produced by Speedo himself.

Cavity- Laid Insignificant (Hydra Head)

Ah...a long out of print record sees the light of day again. I was so glad that Hydra Head re-issued this so that paying "collector" prices was not necessary.

Supermachiner- Rise of the Great Machine (e-vinyl)

Finally available on vinyl, Rise of the Great Machine sounds like it was meant to be in this format. I am glad someone released it on vinyl because it was long overdue. Packaging looks great as well.

Planes Mistaken for Stars- We Ride to Fight (No Idea)

All of this was pretty much available previously, but compiling it into one nice package was a neat idea. I am sure some fans of later Planes Mistaken for Stars were surprised by how this sounds.

Today Is the Day- Today Is the Day (Supernova)
Today Is the Day- Supernova (Supernova)

I never realized how good early Today Is the Day was before hearing these reissues, partially because getting a hold of them could prove to be a bit problematic. Now that they are more widely available, hopefully more people will check these out because both the self-titled and Supernova are definitely worth it. Even thought his music has evolved over time, Steve Austin still made disturbing music even at this stage in Today Is the Day's development. 

Skullflower- IIIrd Gatekeeper (Crucial Blast)

This Skullflower record is another album that was very difficult to find or acquire. Crucial Blast really came through in re-issuing this. It is more structured than later Skullflower releases, but that crushing noise which the outfit is known for is still evident on IIIrd Gatekeeper.

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