Thursday, July 28, 2011

Xaphan? Do You Like Disembodied?

How about Threadbare (though I am guessing most of you have not even heard Threadbare)?

Xaphan is basically Disembodied with the singer of Threadbare (and Blinding Light) singing for them.

Listen to two songs below:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some new Swans

Here is a video of a new Swans song to be on their upcoming album, enjoy:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Great Falls Is Touring

...the Northeast and for those who are not in the northeast, Dead Accents put up the new Great Falls CD.

Go here to order

This is it. The full length recordings of Great Falls with Phil Petrocelli playing drums. This is what they will have on their East Coast tour but we have a handful here to sell as well. Eight tracks of noise core fuckery. In professionally printed covers with artwork by Demian Johnston.

Here is some music to check out if you have not heard them.

Speaking of Demian Johnston, his latest cassette, Swift Drugs, was also put up in the Dead Accents store as well.

Order Here

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Planning For Burial!

Planning For Burial has put up pre-orders for a new cassette tape (as well as a t-shirt) in order to help fund the Fall West Coast Tour that they will be going on...

Order the cassette here

Order the T-Shirt here

This is a preorder which guarantees you will receive a copy once we get them from the manufacturer. (this is not an official MRL release)

Contains demo version of song that has been played out live since November 2010 and a demo of a newer song that just got added to the live set. Both songs may or may not appear later on the 2nd full length Desideratum as well as two other recordings that were recorded live to cassette. Artwork by Nate Burns from VIT.

Track List:
Side A
1. Where You Rest Your Head At Night (demo)
2. Late Twenties Blues
Side B
1. I Put Red House Painters On A Mixtape For You (demo)
2. ...Rest Your Head (reprise)


Limited to 100 Copies on White Cassette with professional printed J Card.

We hope to have these shipped by Mid to Late August unless you order it with a Shirt which will be between Late August and Early September.

Exciting, this is the newest Planning For Burial material since Untitled and the split with Lonesummer (which just went up for its second press as well here if you want that as well.

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Locrian 7"...

 available for pre-order now. Get it here

This and the soundbites from the label Flingco Sound

Locrian took up the challenge of releasing their first 7 inch single on FSS, recording at Minbal in Chicago and mixing with Jeremy Lemos in April 2011. They hammer the sing-song of Popol Vuh's Der Ist Der Weg into a blackened alloy of their own invention on the A-side. On the flip, trebly blurs open Frozen in Ash, which then feints at expansive melody amidst screams, keyboard squalls and bludgeoning drums.

Available as a 7 inch single in a limited edition of 500, in letter-pressed sleeves by Dexterity Press and as a digital single.

These recordings were mastered and the single was cut to lacquer by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.

Track Listing
A) Dort Ist Der Weg
B) Frozen In Ash

Locrian's take on Popol Vuh's classic Dort Ist Der Weg is an outstanding testament to a band possessed. Instead of producing some rehashed, dormant clone copy of this almost inimitable track,
Locrian serve up a ritually hypnotic and powerful piece of music that will floor you... Locrian will never belong. Their refusal to stagnate and regurgitate frail musical formula allows the band to constantly reinvent and re-envisage their art.
Lurker's Path July 20, 2011

To me, this is Locrian at their finest. They've taken a song that would not seem to lend itself to interpretation by a by a drone/noise/metal band
and turned it into something ritualistic, fierce, vivid and distinctly their own. Quite stunning.
Hammer Smashed Sound July 19, 2011

Locrian keep outdoing themselves.
Anti-Gravity Bunny

Locrian does not limited their sonic palette to fit into any particular genre or specific sound, and the result is that this music often penetrates much deeper...
Musical Warfare

Monday, July 18, 2011

REMNANTS SUSPENSION on Tycho Magnetic Anomalies

This is the second release from the tape label, Tycho Magnetic Anomalies. The Brooklyn drone outfit, REMNANTS drops their fourth tape on this new label with a slightly new noise methodology while still fitting nicely into the previous body of work that it has produced already. Highly recommended.

Order here by itself or here for the package deal with the label's previous cassette tape from Gholas

C-28 Limited to 100 Hand Numbered Copies

SUSPENSION from REMNANTS is an amazing set of atmospheres that ratchet the tension and despair all while remaining completely hypnotic and spellbinding. REMNANTS has gone above and beyond delivering an impressive droning tour de force.

Four new tracks from this Brooklyn resident grafted onto a C-28 Cassette Tape.

Pre-Orders start immediately, here. Non-US Residents please contact the label directly prior to ordering for an accurate shipping cost.

Check out the Tape below

New Circle Of Ouroborus LP from Handmade Birds

Handmade Birds continues to impress with their latest offering that is now available for Pre-Order from the label. Eleven Fingers is the latest from Circle Of Ouroborus.

In a complete reinvention of what is comfortable, CoO produce a landmark album within their already prolific catalogue that ranges from moments of post-punk atonality, to subtle melody countered by calculated agression. ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.

Edition: 500 copies, Black vinyl, gatefold reverse board jacket, two pockets, 12 panel booklet with silver and gold pantone detail, and hand-inked artwork by artist Alexander Brown, and mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

Order here

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

House Of Low Culture & Mamiffer Craziness

These are images of the second Tour Tape from Mamiffer and House Of Low Culture, and, just as with the previous tour tape, we (the lucky 32 people that nabbed one of these on their recent tour or through the extremely fast web sale from Sige) get to hear two new songs (one from each outfit).

For the unlucky, at least the House Of Low Culture song will see the light of day on their upcoming album, Poisoned Soil, albeit in its finished form as this is listed as a demo.

The packaging is really awesome on this release and here are some pictures of it so you can get some idea of the care and effort put forth in making it a reality.

STRANGE RULES quick update...

The Cremation Lily 3xCS, Sexless Merit, sold out in less than a day.

But there are copies of the Vase cassette tape, Terminal, still available here

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


... has two more releases up for order now... and I mean now as they are ridiculously limited and will go fast.

First up is the new release from Cremation Lily, Sexless Merit. Limited to just 10 copies with even fewer remaining at this point.

6 sides of raw electronic, industrial noise, strangled voice, decaying analog rhythm. for the way resting. sometimes it is our ally, sometimes it is not. packaged in large vinyl case with insert.

Seriously, Cremation Lily is becoming essential listening at this point... no lie.

Order here

Up next is the Terminal cassette tape from Vase.

trace elements of punk, noise, grind + black metal. lo-fi, bleak, ugly blasts of lamentable youth.

Limited to just 14 copies and also even fewer left at that.

Order here

Monday, July 11, 2011

Imminent Frequencies...

...has two new tapes available as of today.

...two new Imminent jammers to ease you through the summer months

First up is one by Slag Heap. Slag Heap is the main project of Chicago/ Madison local Connor Camburn. To date Camburn has put out a handful of tapes out on Chicago's Field Studies as well as his own label Hushing. Camburn forgoes the murky synth drones of his previous releases to present two sides of minimal synth pulsations.

Next we have Columbus Ohio's almighty Envenomist. One of several projects headed by David Reed (Luasa Raelon, Brittle Foundries), Envenomist has released many releases over the last few years on labels around the world. This new tape finds Reed delving into dark and sinister Lovecraftian paths of the unknown. Once this one sucks you in, it may never let you out...


IF12 – Slag Heap “Mar”
c-30 Edition of 50

Minimal pulsating synthesizer music by Chicago native Connor Camburn. The repetitive tonal progressions heard here slowly evolve creating mathematical vortexes of the mind.
These simple rhythmic patterns are strangely reminiscent of the early electronic work of Alvin Lucier and David Tudor while forging new ground.

Each copy comes with a handmade art book by Connor Camburn.


IF13 – Envenomist “Visions”
c-30 Edition of 100

Haunting analog electronics from Ohio’s David Reed. The last several years have seen Reed (Luasa Raelon) create some of the darkest and most sinister synth work out there.
Ominous synthscapes give way to s low burning electronic swells. Horrific and hallucinatory.You went in thinking it was just a nightmare, but now there’s no way out.


Ordering information at Imminent Frequencies

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Burning Witch 4xLP Reissue...

...Is finally moving in production. Here from Stephen O'Malley's blog:

The BURNING WITCH 4LP boxed set is finally in production after various delays for various reasons. 4LPs will be contained in a black slipcase (heavy printed and side loading black box), with a 42 page 30cm square perfect bound book of artwork and photos, and a few texts.

Towers... & Rift.Canyon.Dreams LPs will have cloned covers (and identical track listing) from the original Slap-A-Ham & Merciless LPs, but printed as Stoughton tip-on style sleeves (and sans inserts).

Towers... LP is cut from the original 1/2" master tape that somehow was missing in all the years between its recording and post 2008 Crippled Lucifer release. Stuart Dahlquist at last managed to unearth said tape a few years ago and the resulting test pressing of this record sounds absolutely incredible. I dont know if I've been involved in a recording before or since which gives me the tactile, tangible satisfaction of said album.

Rift.Canyon.Dreams LP benefits greatly from a remastering for vinyl by Mell Dettmer (who mastered all 4 LPs in fact) and a great cut. Clarity is much improved to these 4 abstruse tracks.

The third vinyl in the set is a 12" with Bleeder & Rift.Canyon.Dreams (2008 mix version) tracks. Fourth LP is an amazing sounding recording of the 1996 live concert at Pioneer Theatre in Seattle (with Greg Anderson also on guitar) with an insert of photos from said concert. That was pre-Towers.. 3rd and 4th vinyls are housed in direct to board sleeves by Stoughton.

We are pleased to announce that Alan Dubin is involved in the project, he is authoring a DVD which contains the 2 known video recordings of the band live: 1996 Pioneer Square Theatre (from original super 8 videotape) and 1997 on Public Access channel 29 "29 Live" (from original super VHS). This DVD will be inserted into a pocket in the perfect bound book. Here is a photo of the capturing process...

All in all this is the complete (and final) retrospective of material from this long defunct group who survived a near miraculous afterlife and memory amongst the faithful. We neglected to include the demo or any rehearsal material as it's not worthy... you can find this all online anyway. We attempt to present it all in its original intention, and the supplementary pieces, in my opinion as art director of the Witch's releases over the past 16 years, follow that original aesthetic closely.

The boxed set will be manufactured in an edition of 1500 copies and available from Southern Lord Recordings this Autumn.

And so, after these long roads, the nails are in the coffin.

—Stephen O'Malley, Paris, July 2011

This is exciting sound.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sutekh Hexen Daemons

I have never received a record from overseas so fast... Dead Section is on the ball.

Here is a sample of just what is to be heard on this 7"

There are not many left, but this sucker is well worth the cash. Order here

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quite Possibly This...

...Is one of the best things I have ever seen on the internet. Here is proof of the upcoming Locrian and Mamiffer collaborative record that was recorded recently at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Certainly, these images are also an interesting look into the recording process for the record as well.

Call me excited.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Upcoming Slate From Magic Bullet

... Looks downright awesome. Of particular interest to myself is the 3rd Sutekh Hexen LP due out in the next several months (one on Wands, One on Handmade Birds, and now this one), the Vermapyre / Ides Of Gemini split LP, and the SSORC LP. The represses look pretty ridiculous too.

...things are about to get beyond ridiculous later this summer/early fall. The following update is for things that are actually in various stages of production. I’ve omitted the “coming soon” list and other projects in the pipeline because this is more than enough for everyone to process right now as-is. If you don’t see something on this list that may have been talked about in previous updates, no worries… it just means that it’s not in this next crop. Here’s what we’re actively working on right now and what you can expect next:

• SSORC Infidel Eternal LP
• SUTEKH HEXEN Behind the Throne LP
• CHARLES MANSON Trees LP/CD/digital
• T0-be-named-project 12″ featuring Ryan Parrish of Darkest Hour, Graham Scala and Brent Eyestone of Highness and Meditative Sect, etc. Currently being mixed.
• VERMAPYRE DVD (co-release with We Tried Film, a new film division within Magic Bullet)
• CHARLES MANSON The Inner Sanctum 7″ reissue (licensed from Holy Terror)
• BOY SETS FIRE This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice is Being Born. LP (marking the 15th anniversary of Magic Bullet Records and Magic Bullet #1)

• MEDITATIVE SECT Laceration Points LP
• PG.99/MAJORITY RULE Document 12 LP

Should be a great rest of the year from Magic Bullet