Sunday, January 4, 2009

Year End Music Lists

Writing for Scene Point Blank can really make me think hard about what music I listen to in a given year. I do a ton of reviews and those eat up so much listening time that this time of the year I can spoil myself and really check out new things. It also gives me the chance to listen to a ton of records from over the course of the year in order to make tons of these ridiculous lists. 

However ridiculous they may be, I think these lists do serve a purpose of sorts in that they allow one to compartmentalize the music in order to digest it. Rationally, so much music comes out in a given year that it is impossible for all of us to listen to so much. So, when records are on multiple lists like these, it kind of allows for people to check out records they missed in this manner. I miss good records every year, hence why I write a top 5 or so list of good records that I missed the previous year.

On Scene Point Blank, I just submitted this slew of Top 5 lists from 2008. 

Top 5 Record Packaging

- Top 5 EPs

- Top 5 Re-Issues

- Top 5 Debuts

- Top 5 Splits

- Top 5 Missed in 2007

Over the next several days, I will post additional tracks that did not quite make these Top 5 lists. Consider them additional material...consider them honorable mentions...what have you.

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