Monday, January 12, 2009

Top Records of 2008 Well...

...#26-50 actually.

My Top 25 of the year got posted at Scene Point Blank late last night in the big year end feature. Go check that out. 

These were all really good records in their own right that I wanted to list them

26. Aughra- Proof of Dark Matter| Light the Lights (Magic Bullet)

27. Trap Them- Seasons In Barren Praise (Deathwish Inc)

28. Fucked Up- The Chemisty of Common Life (Matador)

29. SunnO)))- Pentemple (Southern Lord)

30. Disfear- Live the Storm (Relapse)

31. The Gutter Twins- Saturnalia (Sub Pop)

32. Hope & Suicide- Hope Suicide (Supernova)

33. Steve Von Till- A Grave Is A Grim Horse (Neurot)

34. 5ive- Hesperus (Tortuga)

35. Fight Amp- Hungry for Nothing (Translation Loss)

36. The Night Marchers- Scene Report (Swami)

37. Crevecoeur- II (Denovali, 2008)

38. J. Bannon- Blood of Thine Enemies (Deathwish Inc)

39. Gridlink- Amber Grey (Hydra Head)

40. Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan- Sunday at Devil Dirt (V2)

41. Capsule- Blue (Robotic Empire)

42. City of Ships- Tour (self released)

43. Rocket from the Crypt- RIP (Swami/ Vagrant)

44. Nadja- Desire In Uneasiness (Crucial Blast)

45. Pyramids- Pyramids (Hydra Head)

46. Stove Bredsky- Black Ribbon Award (Hydra Head)

47. The Kills- Midnight Boom (Rough Trade)

48. Haiyano Daisuki- Headbanger’s Karaoke Club Dangerous Fire (Hydra Head)

49. Grey Daturas- Return To Disruption (Neurot)

50. Celeste- Nihiliste(s) (Denovali)

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