Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grad School

So, my first week of this latest Grad school barrage is complete. To be honest, it was a cakewalk; we'll see what the future holds for this class. My learning team seems eager, but I am not getting my hopes up for them yet. The 2nd week has the first real Team project so I will know after that if they will be adequate people to work with this time. 

Thus far my soundtrack for the school work has been pretty typical for while I am in grad school with lots of instrumental and ambient work:

Mamiffer- Hirror Eniffer
Everlovely Lightningheart- Cusp
Everlovely Lightningheart- split with Oakeater
Everlovely Lightningheart- Particles and Fields
House of Low Culture- Gettin' Sentimental
House of Low Culture- Submarine Immersion Techniques
Jesu- Sun Down/ Sun Rise
Nine Inch Nails- Ghosts I-IV
Nine Inch Nails- the Slip
Old Man Gloom- Seminar III: Zozobra

All great for working to so far.

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