Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Music Ruins Lives Offering

The prolific Music Ruins Lives has another release to ruin your bank account (not so bad actually). Wreck and Reference come at you here with six tracks of emotional wreckage for you to wallow in self pity with it playing in the backround. 6 tracks from this new band from the decadent and sinful California.

Listen below. Buy here.

Oh yeah, some particulars:

Track List:
1. All Ships Have Been Abandoned
2. Surrendering
3. In Chains, Awakening
4. Evening Redness
5. Desire, Ether
6. A Lament

Limited to 100 Hand Numbered Copies.
Comes in 4 Panel Digi-pack with 8 page booklet.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More on the new Helms Alee

Here is the cover for the new Helms Alee album, Weatherhead. More of the artwork for this record may be found over at Feral Pig. This is getting exciting.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Demian Johnston - Gotham

Demian Johnston brings us Gotham, A lathe cut 7". Grab it quick before it is gone for good.

One track quiet and strangely beautiful track cut into the ugliest format we could imagine. This song was expertly cut into a plastic picnic plate by Mike from lathe-cuts.com. Limited to 66 copies in rigid packaging and includes a download card for all you sell outs.

Order from the great Dead Accents here

New Helms Alee!

...a new record from Helms Alee apparently is hitting shops June 21st. I am excited. Their last record was great. Entitled Weatherhead, this will have 2xLP or CD or digital options for your listening pleasure.

As more info becomes available, I will let you know. JUNE 21ST!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Infinite Light LTD LP Up For Order

It has been a while since I said anything about what Denovali was up to but they have a ton of new records available. First up is the Infinite Light LTD self titled LP. This is a collaboration between Nathan Amundson (aka Rivulets), Aidan Baker (of Nadja, Whisper Room, ARC), and Mat Sweet (aka Boduf Songs). Go here to listen and order the record if you like it.

Vinyl on 3 colors

Black: limited to 300
Ultra Clear: Limited to 100
Brown / Black Halo type effect: limited to 100

Monday, May 23, 2011

House Of Low Culture / Mamiffer & Guests - Lou Lou In Tokyo

These beautiful looking 2xLPs will not last long. Jump on them quickly as these recordings are quite good.

"Lou Lou... in Tokyo" (SIGE 007, 2011)
On this recording:
Aaron Turner
Faith Coloccia
Masami Akita
Atsuo (Boris)

Track Listing:
Mamiffer w/Atsuo - This Land
Mamiffer w/Atsuo - Blanket Of Ash
Mamiffer w/Atsuo - Iron Water
Mamiffer w/Atsuo- Lilac
House Of Low Culture w/Merzbow + Atsuo - Mole Man
Mamiffer + House Of Low Culture + Merzbow + Atsuo - Lou Lou

4th side of the 2xLP includes hand etched artwork.
Jackets are letter pressed courtesy of Interrobang.
Also includes printed innersleeves.
Edition of 330 - 80 black, 250 clear.

Order here.

Sige also has copies of the CD+DVD version of this as well...here and the Japanese version of Mare Descendrii here and copies of the Everlovely Lightningheart tape recently issued by Dead Accents here.

Awesome awesome stuff... do not sleep on these.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update on Vit - Pre-Orders

Just a quick update regarding the Vit Pre-orders for their record, -. Music Ruins Lives has around 20 or so left and then they are gone. So don't wait. Head over to MRL and grab this here.

While you are there, check out their other releases that are still available or listen below to the Sequences / Isolated Existence record.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Exciting News from the Gehenna Camp

Up next A389 will be releasing a collection of recordings by the Cult Of The Seven Crowns. These releases consist of hard to find, and some never before heard recordings by GEHENNA, GRAVEHILL, WITCH-LORD and the PENETRATION PANTHERS.


As a bonus to anyone who orders all 4 new releases, we will be including 1 FREE copy of a limited edition (250) GEHENNA 7″ flexi which features a long lost/never before heard cover song recorded during the ‘Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris’ sessions. Unearthed from the original session tapes to be included exclusively as part of this package! More info on this soon!

This will be awesome when it all comes out.

The Love Below and Homewrecker Team Up

...For a new split 7" via the awesome A389 Records. The Love Below is some serious Left For Dead style snotty hardcore, love them. This is my first introduction to Homewrecker.

Either way, this 7" looks awesome and will probably be awesome. Two colors to consume Grey available here and Green (appropriate considering the artwork) available here.

If you have yet to hear The Love Below, don't wait any longer. Go to A389 and listen to the media player for both bands.

The Love Below have a previous 7" (available here) that rocks.

Withdrawal Pre-Order

Withdrawal put out their follow up to 2009's Unknown Misery.

Faith Flesh & Blood is the new 7" available from A389... on black and grey vinyl. Get them here and here (repectively)

To hear the band listen below or at the A389 media player via their site.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New House Of Low Culture????

OK, so the Old Man Gloom post was a hoax perpetrated by one Kurt Ballou (DAMN HIM!), but this news is from the label newsletter. Taiga records (who has been putting out the Lotus Eaters records on vinyl as well as a host of other spiffy looking heavy weight vinyl masterpieces) let the cat out of the bag saying that some time later in 2011 House Of Low Culture would be releasing a 2xLP entitled Poisoned Soil.

Here's to waiting now. Here is a track off of the recently released CD and LP (not the Cassette) of the split with Mamiffer

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Barn Owl Pre-orders...

Barn Owl have a new 12" EP coming out called Shadowland. Coming June 21st so if you want color copies (clear with white of 750) or black (also of 750 copies) hurry up and grab it here.

Angel Eyes Calls It Quits

Angel Eyes sadly is calling it a day. I really enjoyed the band and really am looking forward to their last couple of releases (a split 7" and another full length). Check the band out below and then head on over to The Mylene Sheath and pick up their records here.

New Sutekh Hexen 7"...

...is up for order via DeathSmile (the first vinyl release for this awesome label.

Sutekh Hexen continue their campaign of noisy black metal destruction with this special release. Shadows is a one-sided 7" with a skull silk-screened on one side, and one devastating and confounding cover song on the flip side. Limited to a one-time pressing of 150 copies for the band's upcoming tour.

Get this record here before it is gone. All the cassettes this band has released thus far are long gone, so do not sleep

The first vinyl EP from Sutekh Hexen is still available from Wands. So, grab that while you are at it.

Some tunes to check out below:

Obsidian Dawn by sutekhhexen

Cursed Burial by sutekhhexen

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New A Death Cinematic EP Up for Pre-Order

Finally some news on A Death Cinematic's upcoming projects, which include upcoming releases like the split with Great Falls (coming out on Dead Accents and one that I am eagerly anticipating that one for sure), the split with Ekca Liena entitled PRETERNATURAL (coming on Small Doses and also anxiously awaited around these parts) and the new full length A NEW WORLD.

But Pre-Orders for the new EP from A Death Cinematic, YOUR FATE TWISTING, EPIC IN ITS CRUSHING MOMENTS, are now live.

YOUR FATE TWISTING, EPIC IN ITS CRUSHING MOMENTS ep. limited edition of 50 high quality printed cdr includes the full version of IN THE TUMBLING DAWN LIGHT, THEIR EYES FALL FROZEN THROUGH THE MIST AND RAIN. nearly a half our of music spanning over two tracks. all artwork, design and layout by simple box construction. each hand made cover consists of a hand printed chipboard sleeve with a hand punched window, a photo print of a drawing framed in american sycamore veneer.

This sucker is limited to just 50 copies; so get over to A Simple Box Construction and Order it.

While there you could also pick up the 2xCD set a parable on the aporia of vengeance and the beauty of impenetrable sadness from A Death Cinematic, which is below for your listening pleasure.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


According to Kurt Ballou's official facebook page (I know, I know... silliness), Old Man Gloom is recording shortly.


What a year already...

Servile Sect Pre-Orders Are Live

Servile Sect is another band that I had previously not heard of until this release on Handmade Birds. This Pre-Order is for their latest album, TRVTH.

Servile Sect's last full length "Realms Of The Queen" was released on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label, and Handmade Birds is proud to release their next new full length, TRVTH.

The sound of Servile Sect is epic, and majestic, the guitars glistening sheets of sound, the surface of that sound peppered with bits of electronic shimmer, causing the long drawn out riffery to reflect and refract, tiny little sonic events occurring every second, the surface alive and constantly squirming and changing color, but viewed from afar, it's simply a blown out undulating buzz. Those guitars are digitized and processed, spread into thick smears of warm glowing whir, the riffs barely discernible beneath the constant roar of Servile Sect's sonic swirl The vocals add just more buzz to the mix, howling and wailing, but stretched into streaks of sonic violence, and drums, assuming there are any, are buried, festering beneath layer after layer of crushing guitar fuzz, emitting noxious rhythms that don't so much blast or pound as they do explode into tiny squalls of still more buzz. Occasionally, the buzz abates, leaving the guitar to sway lazily, the notes ringing out, the guitars lurking in the distance, but it's never long before the lilting melody is engulfed by a colossal buzzing roar, and the band locks into another extended psychfuzzblackdrone.

-Aquarius Records

Here is a treat. Click here to download the debut EP from Servile Sect for free to check them out.

Edition: 250 (125 classic black, 125 pink with mint green splatter), insert. Since 2006, everything Servile Sect has released is sold out, minus the few remaining copies of last year's "Realms Of The Queen", which we have secured and are offering to ALL preorders of "TRVTH". Preorders will get a free copy of the 2010 Servile Sect masterwork "Realms Of The Queen" CD along with their order.

And then Pre-Order TRVTH here

Der Blutharsch Pre-Orders Are Up Now

This retrospective in the Handmade Birds Dark Icon series looks to be one hell of a release. Prior to this, I had never heard of Der Blutharsch; and thankfully Handmade Birds is doing this otherwise, I would never have heard the strange and far out sounds from this outfit.

24 tracks spanning the first thirteen years of this innovative band, including material from nine full length albums curated especially for this release by R. Loren (Pyramids, Sailors With Wax Wings, White Moth), and mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.Those new to the music of Der Blutharsch will find this collection essential, and existing fans will appreciate the cohesive retrospective that samples the best songs DB has constructed over their first thirteen years.

Edtion: 500, archived on 180 gram black vinyl. ALL inserts hand numbered, and the first 250 signed by Albin Julius himself. Original artwork (also by Julius) features black and red foil stamping on exterior.One time pressing, Handmade Birds Dark Icons Series. When they are gone, they are gone.

Pre-Order here

To hear some of these mutant sounds, head to Handmade Birds, click on the Dark Icons link and then Der Blutharsch.

Swans, Crass, Nick Cave, Dead Can Dance, Death In June; all of these iconic acts have displayed unprecedented innovation destroying genre barriers and pushing music forward. Within the fold of this tradition are unsung pioneers Der Blutharsch, whose music spans more than a decade and has evolved from being a raw, Earthy neofolk controversy to a rich, psychedelic, sonic revolution. Handmade Birds will be issuing a one time, limited pressing of a Der Blutharsch retrospective, sampling an average of three tracks from each record between 1997 and 2010.

From the liner notes:

"There is a delicate balance that few seem to own- the dialogue of timbres, choice of instrumentation, layering of textures- the manipulation of sound that, at its lowest point can still sway emotion, and at its highest point leads to a rethinking of traditional song structure. Der Blutharsch embodies sonic innovation. If one looks at the songs on this retrospective as mathematical equations, and peels back each layer of the musical text, what can be found is a thoughtful scaffold constructed with the care of a watchmaker’s hands. Free of presuppositions, controversy, and pretension, these songs stand erect as pillars of sonic strands pioneered by a brilliant, albeit unorthodox, musical mind, Albin Sunlight Julius, whose prolific history of genre defying masterworks has had an enormous impact on countless musicians who are all still humbly seeking that delicate balance- something that Julius both owns and continues to refine. Please enjoy playing witness to the progression of this important band, the first fifteen years of which are documented on these two records."
-R. Loren (Pyramids, Sailors With Wax Wings, White Moth)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Swamp Horse Pre-Orders Are Live

Swamp Horse join the Handmade Birds roster with this cassette as their first release. Winter Ghost is sure to be a further exploration of the harsh noise and experimentation that the these two gentlemen are known for in their circles.

Josh Lay has been a staple in the Kentucky-and-all-noise-blackened for years. Swamp Horse sees him at his most versatile, exploring textures alongside collaborator Morgan Rankin that embody the dichotomy of beauty and that which might truly terrify.

Edition: 100 (20 solid green, 80 smokey clear) with artwork designed by Josh Lay.

Go to Handmade Birds, click on the Cassette Series, and then Swamp Horse to hear some of the sounds that this tape will be cranking out. Order Here

Hostage Pageant Pre-Orders

This Hostage Pageant cassette, (Abuse Generator) is one of four new pre-orders that just went live over at Handmade Birds.

From the Label:

Shane of Crooked Necks is also a full time noise machine, aka Hostage Pageant. Those that have fallen victim to thoughtless noise music, should rediscover the genre through this release- a barrage of sonic density that, despite countless listens, only fosters an increased interest.

Edition: 100 (20 solid red, 80 smokey clear), CS-40 with artwork by Joe Beres.

For a taste of Hostage Pageant here is their split with Deceiver to check out (this is also a free download).

Order Abuse Generator Here.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

Vit Pre-orders Up at Music Ruins Lives

I was psyched when I got Vit's "-" off a blog several months back (around the time of their tour with Vestiges. Now it is seeing a bit of a wider release.

"Mainly VIT play a mix of funeral doom and black metal but there are also death, post, atmospheric and sludgy parts. Some acoustic guitars are leading you to folk paths. The mood changes in this album are more than many. The funeral doom parts are heavy as hell. This evil heaviness leads to black metal bursts with some slow blast beats. Death, post and sludge parts have some great riffs to offer to us, in many cases away from the dark atmosphere the doom-black metal parts created." - noiZine

This has been floating around on a few blogs for the last year or so, but besides a handful of wooden box limited editions made by the band this has never seen a proper release.

6 Panel Digi-Sleeve with Pure White CD

Limited to 100 Copies, hand-numbered as usual.

Track List:
1. The Ardour Of Saints
2. Swansylvania
3. Ascension Ritual
4. Perennial Collapse
5. Puritan Ossuary
6. -

Hear it here, and then buy it from the fine fellows of Music Ruins Lives.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Giles Corey Pre-orders

This is a little late as the extra special super pre-order version of this is gone, but this record and book will be completely worth it regardless of the magnificent nerdery of said pre-order package. Giles Corey is the solo project of one Dan Barrett (current Have A Nice Life, ex-In Pieces) and this is the first official release of the Giles Corey material.

Some info from Enemies List:

"Sometime in the Spring of 2009 I tried to kill myself. Six months before that, I used a Voor’s Head Device for the first time."

This line opens the 150-page book that accompanies Giles Corey, an intensely personal, intimate portrait of depression that took me almost 4 years to make.

We've called this "acoustic music from the industrial revolution," and that's as good as anything. Dominated by the acoustic guitar, the music is a gloomy mixture of Americana influences, snippets of EVP recordings, ghostly choirs and deep, heavy organ. It ranges from very dark to triumphant, hushed quiet to crashingly loud.

The album follows a story arc of emotions that are detailed in the accompanying book, as much a part of this record as the music. The text switches between personal tales of struggles with depression, suicide, and a feeling of being lost, and the story of cult-leader and afterlife theorist Robert Voor. Voor's writings on death and the afterlife feature prominently across HAVE A NICE LIFE's "Deathconsciousness," Nahvalr's self-titled debut, and Giles Corey, making him the unifying factor behind most of the music I've written in the last 10 years.

This record is as personal and raw as anything I've ever done. Thank you for your interest.

Order now as it seems to be going extremely fast.

Disembodied Breaks Up... Again

This is depressing news. They had been playing sporadically and a new album was promised (who knows if we will get to hear that now). Disembodied were awesome, and hopefully we will get to hear that new record someday. In the meantime... here is something to mourn them with:

Disembodied (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Integrity Detonate World's Plague 7 Pre-Order

This release looks to be awesome. If you have been paying attention at all to Integrity's output the last year or so, they have released some great music in the split with Creepout, the VVe Are The End single, and the LA Holy Terror compilation. Now, Detonate World's Plague 7 is a new shot across the bow from Dwid Hellion and his current writing partner, Orr.

Pre-orders are up for this release and includes the following:

• Transparent purple 12" vinyl ltd 250


• 12" long embroidered INTEGRITY iron on patch

The tracklisting for this LP follows:


The CD included in this package, Thee DestoyORR, compiles all the aforementioned output from the last year or so that has been co-written with Orr and is an awesome jumping on point if you have yet to hear what Integrity has been up to lately.

That tracklisting is:


In any case, this should prove to be an excellent release. Do not sleep on it, because Integrity records go quickly.

Order here.

If you look at the page in that link there is a link to a song, for LUCIFER BEFORE THE DAY DOTH GO, off this upcoming album that you can check out.