Monday, January 19, 2009

Gholas Plays with Tombs

This past Friday, Gholas was given the opportunity to play with Tombs as well as our drummer's other band (Deathbeds) and another band that I can't remember the name of at this moment (which sucks because they were all great dudes)...wait...Bastard Sapling (that was their name). It was a fun night because we were playing with a bunch of good bands and friendly people as well as it being on a weekend which meant I did not have work the next day.


A bunch of hardcore kids playing sludge a la Eyehategod. I think that I went through this phase as well and can relate. They rely heavily on Sabbathian riffage and pummeling drums to drive their point home.  The singer does a real nice job of being engaging which can be difficult at times when one just sings, but he does it real well. It will be interesting to see what happens next for these guys; the second batch of songs usually has a band moving beyond their initial inspiration and can make or break a band. 


We played. The sound man hated us, did not listen to us about our equipment, seemed to hate life that night (he did not even take a cookie when we offered one as a peace offering). Our set was short at only 4 songs...

1. the Witch
2. Her Trainwreck
3. And the Lives Come Flooding
4. 9000 Reasons

We had fun. John (the bassist) was upset, but people were nice and said we sounded pretty good; although I kept kicking my cable out of my amp (because it was lying on the floor due to space issues) and Chris (the other baritone guitarist) broke a string. We are still working out some kinks in the live situation. I cannot wait to play our next show. We have been talking a bit about expanding our set.

Bastard Sapling:

Their drummer was awesome both playing wise and personally (very friendly). And even though their bassist was MIA, the two guitarists did not seem to miss a beat. Their vocalist was highly entertaining. And even though their set was a bit long, it was definitely enjoyable.


It is difficult to explain their set. "Gossamer" is an awesome song. It was excellent finally getting to see them. Their set made me super excited for the upcoming full length, Winter Hours. Tombs is definitely on my list to see again.

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