Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Locrian & Mammifer Blesses Those...

... of us who follow them with the vinyl version of Bless Them That Curse You. Several different versions of the release are available though, not just on LP.

The LP version is limited to 500 copies: one version on clear and one on Brown and Grey. Order the LP version here

The cassette version of the collaboration is limited to 200 and looks sharp. If you were lucky to grab the Mamiffer / Demian Johnston split, then you have an idea of what the packaging looks like as it seems similar.  Order the cassette tape version here

Also new from Sige... Jussi Lehtisalo

Here is the cassette tape version of Jussi Lehtisalo's (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, Split Cranium, Steel Mammoth, etc) solo release, Interludes For Prepared Beast.  Limited to 100 copies, this tape has one track a side:

• Side A: Caterpillars
• Side B: Here March the Cranes

Order here

Monday, February 27, 2012

It Is Time To Hear From STRANGE RULES!

Yes folks, it is that time again... STRANGE RULES returns with two new cassette tapes to dominate our tape decks.

The first is the Cremation Lily / Natural Assembly split cassette tape.

Here is their take:

vacant life, nothing personable, nothing indulgent. a dull red light between the cracks of aridity gives away the existence of the other side. dark melodic industrial from natural assembly + synth-drowned industrial

Limited to just 50 copies. Go get it from STRANGE RULES

...or forever whine about how you missed out... because it probably will not last more than a day.

The second tape comes from Venus Receiver and is called Madame Violet Continuing Mission. Limited to 29 copies, this tape will also probably disappear in a day or two.

absolutely damaged noise assault. full analog, no gratification

Get this one here 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Celer LP!

Evaporate And Wonder is a new LP from Celer, which has been dominating my listening habits over the last two days. Listen below.

Available now through the estimable Experimeda.

12inch vinyl LP limited to 300 copies. Includes an immediate download in choice of highest quality mp3, flac, or apple lossless formats. Also available as a digital download only here.

Since 2005, Celer, the duo of the late Danielle Marie Baquet and William Thomas Long, have released a wealth of ambient material and established themselves as one of the preeminent and best loved outfits in the genre. For the uninitiated, Celer's aesthetic is glacial, beautiful and devotional. It is utterly devoid of hard edges and culled from a wealth of exotic and traditional instrumentation. The pair's inimitable sound is the result of careful attention to processing and a keen, quasi-cinematic ear for arrangement and juxtaposition. The source material for the recordings on Evaporate and Wonder was limited to improvised synthesizers and field recordings, but the end results are predictably grand and mysterious, suitable indeed for the promises of the album's title. Comprised of two sidelong pieces, this record is a perfect entry point into the pair's wonderful oeuvre or, if you're like me, a more than welcome audio pictogram that lets us as listeners continue the journey. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

MORE blsphm !

Here is yet another release from blsphm. I love the quick manner in which this outfit pumps out material. Thus far, everything has been solid as hell. And just like everything else, this is extremely limited. Stealing Glyph comes via a C-10 audio cassette tape.

Two tracks, one heavy and slow and one noisy and fast, make up this c-10. Dark and depressing tracks with howling vocals and angular guitars. Limited to 31 copies with hand distressed artwork. This is a prelude to both the track that comes with the "Blacked" anti-12" and the full length on Debacle Records, "11".

Order from Dead Accents 

Dead Accents Subscription Series

Over the last several years, Dead Accents has delivered solid release after solid release. Now the label is bringing a subscription series to it's loyal crew of supporters.

There will only be a 50 subscriptions available in total. Some months you will receive a regularly scheduled release (Tiny Vipers cs, (blouse) usa cd, Crystal Hell Pool cs, etc.) and some months you will receive something that is for subscription holders only. The subscription only people will get cdrs, cassettes, and at least one anti release. Subscription only releases will not be available for mailorder. You may be able to pick up one or two at shows if we have set up shop but we can't guarantee that. You will always be able to join but if you wait too long you will miss out on certain things. The first release will be a subscription only release in March in celebration of Shane Mehling, who has a birthday that month and who named our label.

Subscribe at Dead Accents 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Horseback...

...seven inch, On The Eclipse, is available for pre-order right now.

Get it from Brutal Panda Records here

With the 'On the Eclipse' EP, Horseback mastermind Jenks Miller delivers us two brand new tracks of dark, ethereal beauty. "On the Eclipse" mixes Krautrock with acoustic pop while "Broken Orb" epitomizes the droney ambience that Horseback orchestrate so well. The stunning artwork, created by renowned artist Justin Bartlett, captures the eerie atmospherics of the songs. This one-time pressing, strictly limited to 500 copies, includes a custom Horseback vinyl cleaning cloth. 

Additionally, 10 super limited test press packages are available while supplies last and also include a White Mist edition of the vinyl.

Pressing Breakdown:

10 Test Presses (two of which I know are gone already)
150 Black Shadow
350 White Mist

Don't sleep

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vestiges and Caulfield... Together

...on a split 7"

The 7" split features Vestiges' cover of "Zombie" by The Cranberries and Caulfield's cover of "Dive" by Nirvana.  The vinyl will be available on Transparent Blue (Limited to 100), Transparent Red (Limited to 100), and Black (Limited to 300) and will be exclusively distributed by three different labels on three different continents, so don't miss out!  Please note that all orders containing preorder items will ship in March.  

Order here

Stream/download the entire split exclusively through Toxicbreed's Funhouse Casa De Diversion Covers Compilation at http://casadediversion.bandcamp.com./album/covers-vol-1 because it is not letting me embed it here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Planning For Burial... Quietly

Planning For Burial's Quietly sold out at Tycho Magnetic Anomalies, so for the next 12 or so hours, the artist is offering the MP3s of the tape as a free download in honor of Valentine's Day. Link below... enjoy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Halo Of Flies Presents... Momentum

Rising from the ashes of Fall Of Efrafa (and featuring members of Light Bearer and Plague Mass) , Momentum drops their first album, Whetting Occam's Razor, and at times it sounds like bits of its previous and current outfits.

Order here... less than 20 copies on clear left, so don't sleep.

Influenced by the words of Carl Sagan, and other luminary thinkers, the music forms around a set idea, that of our place in the universe, the hatred and anger and stupidity of a species of ape, on a small insignificant planet, but also our ability to look beyond these facile ideas and appreciate and begin to understand the awe of the universe.
US Pressing of 543 copies
December 2011
180gram vinyl
430 on black
113 on clear
Full color, reverse board jackets printed at RossEllis
CD style booklets printed at Econopress
Download card

The band posted the album for free download, so I'll pop it here for you to check out:

Momentum- Whetting Occam's Razor

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Second Part of Earth's Angels Of Darkness...

...Demons Of Light "duology" is now available to order from Southern Lord. Available on 4 colors ...

...with an etching on the d-side.

180 GRAM DOUBLE LP W/ GATEFOLD JACKET & ARTWORK ETCHING ON 4TH SIDE! The vinyl version of Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II has the same packaging style as Angels 1. Beautiful stoughton gatefold jacket, 180 gram vinyls, etching with Stacey Rozich artwork on the 4th side. Mailorder customers receive Aqua Blue vinyl version limited to a one time pressing of 500! Also included is a 18X24" poster featuring the cover artwork!
2xLP 180 gram colored vinyl w/ gatefold jacket version is $20
Track listing:
SideA: 1.Sigil of Brass / 2.His Teeth Did Brightly Shine
SideB: 3.Multiplicity of Doors / 4.The Corascene Dog
SideC: 5.The Rakehell
SideD: Incredible etching (no music)

Order the Mailorder copy here 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New blsphm Tape... Torn

blsphm continues to keep us going with new releases with this latest offering. Torn is the latest in a wave of releases that should not be missed.

Two grim and dark tracks from Seattle's Blsphm. This c10 has fabric covered j cards, hand stamped cassettes and artwork that makes a short comic inside. Very punk and rough.
From an edition of 19 copies.

Order here 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Swans- The Seer

With the 2xCD We Rose From Our Beds With The Sun In Our Head already sold out (in around 24 hours no less), Michael Gira and Swans should be getting to the release of the next studio effort from Swans, The Seer, which they did give more information on the upcoming release itself.

The Seer, by the way, is set to be a triple vinyl/2XCD/Digital release. The special 2XCD edition that will be available exclusively through Young God Records and live shows will also include a live Swans DVD.

I Love You! - Thanks!

Michael Gira / Swans / YGR

 Personally, I cannot wait to hear the studio versions of the new songs that they have been using to crush audiences with over the last year or so.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New from Sige... Pharaoh Overlord

The awesome label that is Sige just put up pre-orders for the new Pharaoh Overlord, Lunar Jetman.

Edition of 500, 100 black 400 clear.
"Lunar Jetman excavates Pharaoh Overlord's monolithic lineup of the previous decade’s live recordings. With the avant-wizard Hans Joachim Irmler (Faust) onboard, the crossfire of turbulent frequencies jolts the Lord's vacuum-sealed riffcraft on an incalculable orbit, where the restraint and bleakness vaguely resemblant of blues evolves into cathartic bursts of thrashing improvisations and moments of serenity. There is nothing ornamental in the menacing austerity of this album."

Track Listing:
Palmyra Call
Black Horse
Cave Of Hair Pt. 1
Cave Of Hair Pt. 2

The recently completed “Lunar Jetman” serves as the perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with the previous works of the Pharaoh, and also as an expansion upon the greatest aspects of their back catalog for those long devoted. In observing their crafty movements through fields of interwoven harmonies, skittering dissonance, psyched up power chord mantras and lurching doom, it would appear that the Overlord’s power has only increased with time and experience. In the hands of those lesser skilled the command of such territories could prove disastrous, but over the Jetman’s five tracks, the band manages to unite all these ungainly sounds under one bold banner of cosmic gold.  A single trip through the interplanetary realms of the Lunar Jetman will prove even to the most seasoned traveler that there are many universes yet worth knowing...
Pharaoh Overlord is comprised of members of Circle, Steel Mammoth, Split Cranium, Plain Ride, etc. They are from Finland. This is their seventh full length album. Features keyboard contributions from Faust’s Hans Joachim Irmler.

Pre-order here 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I can't speak right now... but here is info for you... oh yeah... order here... quickly

Swans: We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head 2x Live Handmade CD
Handmade and Assembled / With 2 Color Woodblock Print Sleeve of Original Drawing by M.Gira. Each One Uniquely Signed and Numbered and Further Personalized by M.Gira. This Version is a Limited Edition of 1000 and includes Exclusive Solo Recordings of Songs for New Swans. Album in Progress (as well as narrations/explanations re the new songs, exclusive to this version).

1. buy hand made web only 2x live swans cd with original signed and numbered woodblock print sleeve made from drawing by m.gira - $30
2. as above AND RECEIVE 2xcd deluxe digi-pack signed version of Swans The Seer immediately upon release: $45
3. as in option 1 AND RECEIVE 2xcd deluxe digi-pack signed version of Swans The Seer, website/tour exclusive package that includes live swans dvd from 2010/11 tours - $55
4. OPTION 3 AND RECEIVE “executive producer” credit in upcoming swans studio album - $100
5. OPTION 3, AND 4 PLUS an original unique drawing by m.gira dedicated to customer (see example below) - $150
6. OPTION 3, AND 4, 5 PLUS be on guest list and meet band for one show on upcoming swans tour(s) 2012/13 - $175
7. OPTION 3, AND 4, 5, 6, plus, AND YES THIS IS REAL  m.gira will record a simple, short, original song, acoustic guitar and voice, with customers’ name in the song, praising the customer, and send customer an mp3 of the song - $500
8. OPTION 3, AND 4, 5, 6, 7 and contribute an additional $100 or more over option 7, and receive undying gratitude, and a secret gift.

TRACK LISTING: disc one:
1. intro/no words no thoughts
2. jim
3. beautiful child
4. the apostate
5. yr property
6. sex god sex
disc two:
1. the seer (intro)/ i crawled
2. eden prison
3. 93 ave. b blues / little mouth... 

demos/special website only recordings: 

4. hello there
5. lunacy
6. the mother of the world
7. the daughter brings the water
8. a piece of the sky
9. the seer
10. goodbye. 

SWANS: michael gira - guitar, vocal; norman westerg - guitar; phil puleo - drums, duclimer; thor harris - drums/percussion, vibes, clarinet, melodica, violin; christoph hahn - double lap steel guitar; christopher pravdica - bass.

Note from Michael Gira: Thanks to all of you who attended the Swans shows during our recent tours. The experience, for us, was life-giving and nourishing. The audiences were not only the largest with which we’ve ever been blessed, but the most genuinely connected and in tune with the sonic/psychic experience in which we all participate. Thank you!... Represented in these discs are the best recordings we could provide of the (ever-evolving) shows. Those of you who attended the early shows realize that the first iterations of the music morphed and grew (seemingly with a will more expansive than our own) into something quite different by the end. This, in itself, was immensely gratifying. We also developed many new songs  – or sonic events is perhaps a better way to describe some of them -  along the way. In compiling these recordings and mixing them with my trusted friend and engineer Kevin McMahon (at Marcata Studio, Gardiner NY), we did our best to represent that transition... if you choose to acquire this 2 disc set, in my view it would behoove you to listen to the music at a generous volume level. This has absolutely nothing to do with an aggressive intent, as some mistakenly assume. Exactly the opposite, in fact. As with the live experience, it’s all about immersion. We – Swans - experience that sense of being subsumed in something greater than ourselves when we perform, too. Maybe that’s even our selfish reason for making the music in the first place. At the best of moments, it doesn’t even feel as if we are playing the music ourselves. More that we’re animated – vivified – by the ongoing sonic wave.  I can’t speak for my friends and cohorts, but it’s what I live for. In any event, it’s my hope these discs provide you with a positive experience of some sort....  Thanks due here especially to my friends in Swans, listed above – true love! (full list of thanks and credits provided within the CD packaging)... ALSO INCLUDED (ON DISC 2) herein are a few acoustic performances by me of songs that will be on the upcoming Swans album. These are the basic templates - the songs necessarily mutate into something else entirely by the time we’re through with them. These simple versions are included here to give you a picture of the process involved. They’re not meant as (and aren’t!) “great performances”. By the way, these are for YOU only. Please, please, please do not “share” these, or any of the other recordings on the goddamn internet or anywhere else. Would really appreciate your attention to this request!

Speaking of the packaging, the cover image is a drawing by myself that was expertly converted to woodblock, and then printed and numbered by my good friend Nicole Boitos. She also was kind enough to number them, 1 through 1000. I suppose if I weren’t perpetually holed up in the studio working on the new studio album, I would have printed them etc myself, but definitely the result would have been the smeared mess of a dim-witted 3 year old by comparison. Thanks to Nicole for doing such an expert job! But, I indeed served my time in the end. After receiving the finished prints I assembled the final package personally, signed each one, as well as did some additional coloration on each one (see pictures on this page). This is a labor of love. Or labor, anyway! See the pictures below for what’s entailed/an indication of the process... Below those pictures a a couple random youtube links that vaguely represent a few moments of the live experience.

Again, Thank You! and I hope you enjoy the music. See you on the next tour.  -  MG – Dec. 2011