Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rocky Votolato & Brooke Waggoner Played...

...last night in Philadelphia in the Chapel of the First Unitarian Church.

So, the wife and I went to see Rocky Votolato specifically (we had been missing him every damn time he came around lately), and it was a real intimate show, actually the 6 PM show was sold out so we caught this at 9PM. After talking with some friends, we took our seats as the show was about to start.

After almost not showing up on time to catch the opener, I am glad that we made it on time. Brooke Waggoner and her two friends (a guitarist and harpist) played some of the most quirky and playful sounding music that I had heard in quite a while. It was excellent with her bouncing piano and excellent vocals fitting in real well with the harp and various guitars.

This is my favorite song she played:

Rocky was great too, playing a wide breadth of songs from all over the course of his solo career. Just him and his guitar and harmonica this time, but it worked real well and was a ton of fun. The French Canadian dudes in the front were hilarious, particularly when Rocky called them out for singing over him during "Mixtapes..."

Here are some examples of some of my favorites that he played that night.

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