Monday, April 5, 2010

Nadja (or damn that's a lot of records)

Somewhere along the line, I became completely entranced in the work by the band Nadja. The first time I heard them it was on CD, Desire In Uneasiness; now, at the time I did not fully appreciate what I was hearing, but I did hear something that caught my ear. Still, it was not until I heard Radiance Of Shadows that I was completely hooked.

When I first started collecting this band, there was already a ridiculous amount of music to track down, but their release schedule is insane with records coming from all over the world. Keeping up is both a pain in the behind and a lot of fun, kind of like a monster scavenger hunt that crosses at least three continents (I wish I lived on Antarctica so that I could put out a record from there, though the shipping prices would be ridiculous). I definitely look forward to hearing about the new ones all the time, and love when they sneak up on me but am still able to get the limited color on record (Nadja & OvO collaboration I'm talking about you).

Well, the latest Nadja records are starting to trickle out this year. The Nadja & OvO collaboration The Life And Death Of A Wasp just recently came out via Adagio 830 and Vendetta Records. You can order here. I also recently received the Under A Jaguar Sun double LP (pictured at the top) after waiting for quite a while since pre-ordering, but it was worth the wait and still available here for those that are interested in nabbing this slab of music.

Autopergamene (pictured second due to my fumbling of the pictures) still is not out yet, but should be by the end of April.

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