Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Coliseum announced!!!!

Coliseum preview a new song from their forthcoming album on Temporary Residence, House With A Curse, over at Stereogum. Color me psyched. There's also an excellent interview there as well.

Here is the new song.

The tracklist for House With A Curse (due out June 22nd) is as follows:

01 “Introduction”
02 “Blind In One Eye”
03 “Everything To Everyone”
04 “Crime And The City”
05 “Cloaked In Red”
06 “Perimeter Man”
07 “Skeleton Smile”
08 “Isela Vega”
09 “Lost In Groningen”
10 “Statuary”
11 “Man Was Never Meant To Fly”
12 “Punk/Money”

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