Friday, April 23, 2010

Final Exit still rules

Final Exit was a great...great band that so very few people heard over here in the US. First described to me as the Project X of Sweden only more of a real band, I immediately sought out their records. Basically, this was a secret side project of the Refused (David the drummer sings here and Dennis the singer plays bass here) that played pretty straight forward but aggressive hardcore.

But, they were from Sweden and there was no real US distribution for them and this was the pre specter of the internet age so downloading unavailable records was a veritable impossibility.

Eventually, their first album, Teg, was released here in the US. I have to admit, that the record did nothing for me at the time (I think it was the production on the CD).

When this sucker, Umea, was released...I lost it. This opens with an intense scream into "Proficiency" (download MP3 by clicking on the title), one of my absolute favorite hardcore songs of all time. The whole album is good and they added a little more variation here and there that definitely ratcheted up their sound.

Sadly, this 7" was the Final recordings of Final Exit, it picked up right where Umea left off though, so it was a welcome release.

I was psyched when the entire Final Exit discography (comp tracks included) were released on this 2xLP set (order here in Europe...order here in the US) with a live DVD of the Reunion the band did. Really, this is an all around great release that people should check out.

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