Friday, April 2, 2010

The Blackest Curse Is finally coming out...

...and so is a bunch of other records by Integrity.

The first here is the Red version of their 2003 record on Deathwish Inc, To Die For. This can be had from A389 Recordings under the Pre-Orders heading. Get it by itself or in a package deal that will also net a bonus Integrity / Pale Creation - split 7" (as well as a new 7" from Pale Creation, the LP from Caulfield). If you missed out on the Blue version of To Die For that A389 released earlier this year, now is your chance to not pay ebay prices for this 10".

This year is going to be a big year for Integrity releases as the band has already released the aforementioned Blue version of To Die For as well as the Grace Of The Unholy 7" (both on A389 Recordings) and the In Contrast Of Sin 7" repress on Organized Crime. Due out this year from Organized Crime are vinyl re-issues of the band's earlier Victory catalog including Systems Overload, Humanity Is The Devil, Seasons In The Size Of Days, and the first album from Integrity, the essential, Those Who Fear Tomorrow. If the In Contrast Of Sin re-issue is any indication of how these will look, these LPs will turn out great. A389 Recordings also has the US version of the Integrity / Creepout split that came out last year in Japan. British label, 30 Days Of Night is putting out the Integrity / Rot In Hell split double 7" sometime this year as well, which looks awesome. Magic Bullet is putting out a Record Store Day 7" from Integrity as well (which is coming soon on April 10th); so, be on the lookout for that.

There maybe even more than that, but this is what I have come across.

But...This release here is one I have been waiting for quite a while to hear.

The Blackest Curse will be the latest LP from Integrity, and I cannot wait to hear; luckily, it is finally coming out May 25th via Deathwish Inc. A flurry of releases to document one of the more legendary hardcore bands.

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