Sunday, April 4, 2010

Habits and Dying Hard

Old habits are hard to break... (finger) nail biting when driving long car rides, nervous twitching when extremely bored, cracking your neck when it feels stiff even though you swore you wouldn't do it anymore... these are all examples and terrible habits that I have. Typing this with worn down nails (from a recent trip to visit my parents with my dog Holly) is a semi painful experience.

It was nice visiting my parents; Holly got along well with everyone in the house (which was a huge relief for me and the wife). I helped my dad fix his leaky sink. Relaxed a bit. Saw my friend Nathan whom I had not seen in a while. I borrowed a bunch of movies from my brother (YES, Ponyo)

The wife is tattooing our friend Kyle right now. Her first portrait of whom I believe is his grandmother if I am not mistaken. It is coming out rather well.

Tonight the Yankees have opening day...BASEBALL IS HERE

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