Monday, January 16, 2012

The Latest Offerings From Strange Rules

Strange Rules are at it again offering four new tapes for us all to consume.

Kicking the festivities off is the latest from the almighty Cremation Lily (pictured above) entitled Infant. Jump on this quick because Cremation Lily is definitely building a name for itself, and the tapes sell out rather quickly. Infant is limited to 50 copies, but do not let that number fool you.

Order here

RULE-011 Cremation Lily - Infantinfant missing in the crop, during the harvest moon a statue iserected in mourning. power electronics in memory. heavy, layered,pulsating. mastered by Kris Lapke. 50 copies.

Next up is the latest tape from Natural Assembly (who previously released a stunning debut tape on Zeitgeists Publishing), Fusion's Origin. This tape however features the first sounds of Natural Assembly as a duo as the purveyor behind Cremation Lily joins up to add his voice to the proceedings. Limited to 31 copies, order here

RULE-013 Natural Assembly - Fusion's OriginTwo new Natural Assembly recordings, the first release as the duo ofinstigator J. Cannon & new addition Z.Zsigo (of Cremation Lily.)Depressive synthwave and industrial pop music. Tape repeats both sides. 31 copies.

Next up we have a tape from Winter Resistance, Sleep In The White Blanket. Limited to just 35 copies, order here.

RULE-012 Winter Resistance - Sleep In The White Blanketin the grip of the british winter, strange rules administers aresistant dose of industrial electronics. analog synthesizers, drummachines, feedback + vocals distressed against the backdrop of adense, shivering, white sheet. 35 copies. 

And Lastly, Strange Rules brings us the Blooming Carcass tape from False Moniker. Limited to 35 copies, order here.

RULE-014 False Moniker - Blooming Carcassthe anonymous natural order remains unbroken. caustic dronedindustrial noise from this european master of subtle, painstakingdetail. 35 copies.

Don't sleep on these because Strange Rules tapes do not last long.

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