Wednesday, January 4, 2012

blsphm... That Is All!

So blsphm... I don't know how to describe this weird obsession that I am getting with this project, but damn is it worth it. For several weeks now I have been sitting in this weird conundrum on how exactly to present this project here. Unfortunately, my semi procrastination has cost anyone who has not heard blsphm yet the chance of grabbing the anti-cassette, YAMA, and the CDr, Prayer... sorry.

At least Prayer has a digital option for you to check out, where you can purchase the digital record if you want.

Well, there are still three other blsphm releases to grab before it is too late.

blackhearmass is the first full length from blsphm and is still available here and is limited to just 30 copies.

The other two releases are the newest offering, the Horrors Of Heaven CDr (order here and limited to just 20 copies) and the ANTI-LP + CDr, blacked (pre-order here and limited to 20 copies).

Don't miss out on these. blsphm will be one of those bands or projects, where you wish you got into them early.

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