Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New From Waterpower Electronics

Waterpower Electronics has three new releases that are shipping almost immediately. A Solid label with sharp releases... you would not be disappointed with any of these. Order by emailing info(at)waterpowerelectronics(dot)com.

WP020 - マスクド・ダイオウド - 汚染
(Masked Diode - Contamination)

(Pictured above) Three tracks, each recorded with a different set up (home, studio, live) from Japan. Samples can tell more. Clear C20 in standard norelco case, with 8x10" poster featuring artwork by Ryuta. Limited to 50 copies.

Listen to samples here and here.

$6 US / $8 World

WP018 - Devonshire - Untitled [reissue]

Reissue. Pummeling low end on both sides with sparse vocals. Clear C10 in standard norelco case. Limited to 25 copies.

Listen to a sample here

$5 US / $7 World

NMNVNV01 : Horror Chains - Whore Chains First release on VHS sub-label, NO MISSION NO VISION NO VALUE. Harsh noise + fuzzed out video sourced from old- and favored- Cinemagic's "Noir" label. 17' of video on a black T20 in standard black sleeve with insert. Limited to 20 copies.

$8 US / $12 World

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