Friday, January 27, 2012

A389 Recordings Latest Batch of Records Part I

A389 Recordings is at it again. This is the latest batch of releases from the label, and the package is a doozy.

Here is what is in the package:

INTEGRITY 'Kingdom Of Heaven' 7" (White)  (of 150)
JUNIOR BRUCE 'The Headless King' 12" (Red/Black)  (of 150)
UNHOLY MAJESTY 's/t 7" (Clear)  (of 150)
YOUNG AND IN THE WAY 'Amen/I Am Not What I Am' 2x12" (White/Black)  (of 150)
PLUS a copy of the INTEGRITY Evacuate Flexi on black. (of 250)

Order the whole deal here

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