Thursday, January 12, 2012

A389's Anniversary Bash...

...will see the release of a bunch of new records from A389. And for those of us that cannot make said bash, these will be hitting the A389 webstore shortly thereafter.

Pictured above is the Integrity Kingdom of Heaven 7" which features all of the tracks that the Melnick era band recorded with drummer David Nicholi Araca (whose life was tragically cut short) for the first time ever on vinyl.  It looks great.

Integrity by A389Recordings

This little baby is the "Evacuate" Flexi 7" from Integrity. If you have never heard the band's take on this classic hardcore anthem from Negative Approach, then you are missing out... limited and probably a bonus item in the package deal.

Next up is Junior Bruce, the new vehicle for the formal vocalist of the almighty Bloodlet (and the criminally underrated Hope & Suicide), Scott Angelacos. The demo is pretty sweet; so, I am anxiously awaiting this record.

JuniorBruce by A389Recordings

The other two records include the 7" from Unholy Majesty and the Young and in the Way 2x12"... all good stuff.

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