Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flowers Of St. Francis Volume I...

 now up for order (the subscriptions to the series are all gone, but EL is offering all 5 individually). The brain child of Tim Macuga (Have A Nice Life), Flowers of ST Francis is another animal entirely apart from his other musical force.

Sprawling, claustrophobic, expansive, distorted, mangled, droning, recorded on an 8-track with an analog synth and a creaking old piano, Macuga has managed to craft a series of moving, intimate compositions that seem to crawl from the speakers.

This is music for music's sake - music made for those who truly appreciate and wish to experience music in its pure form. In other words, it ain't party music - it's the closest thing to classical we've ever released, if you can call stream-of-consciousness dronescapes and crackling, echoey organs, choirs, and disembodied fuzz classical. We can, and do. This shit is an experience like no other. I have literally never heard anything like this, and neither have you.

Part of a Super-limited series of 5 E.Ps. Cassette only. Features original artwork from illustrator Caralai Fitzgibbon. Check out more of her work here.

Order the cassette here

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