Monday, August 1, 2011

Flowers Of St. Francis Subscription Cassette Series

Enemies List is doing something pretty damn cool with the Flowers of St. Francis release.

From the label:

Here, in the first-ever ENEMIES LIST subscription series, we present the FLOWERS OF SAINT FRANCIS: the aphasic, four-track rabbit hole confessionals of Tim Macuga (of HAVE A NICE LIFE and Nahvalr).

Sprawling, claustrophobic, expansive, distorted, mangled, droning, recorded on an 8-track with an analog synth and a creaking old piano, Macuga has managed to craft a series of moving, intimate compositions that seem to crawl from the speakers.

This is music for music's sake - music made for those who truly appreciate and wish to experience music in its pure form. In other words, it ain't party music - it's the closest thing to classical we've ever released, if you can call stream-of-consciousness dronescapes and crackling, echoey organs, choirs, and disembodied fuzz classical. We can, and do. This shit is an experience like no other. I have literally never heard anything like this, and neither have you.

Super-limited series of 5 E.Ps. Cassette only. Subscribe to the series, get all 5 as they appear over the course of the next 12 months. Hand-crafted artwork and messages from the artist. Get the entire series for less than buying each individual tape. ELHR Completists, I'm looking at you.

Only 50 spots are available for subscription. 50 copies will then be made available for separate purchase. Grab a spot while they exist.

Sound Awesome? Order here

Less than 25 subscriptions left at this point.

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