Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pyramids & Horseback...

...Out Black Friday... here is from R.Loren's (Pyramids, Sailors With Wax Wings, White Moth, Handmade Birds records) blog:

The long awaited PYRAMIDS / HORSEBACK epic split + collaboration has been finalized for a November release through Hydra Head Records. The original plan was to do a 7” for the split material, and a companion CD for the epic collaboration. That was prior to Aaron Turner adding a final air of magic to the epic, which has pushed it onto an LP, with the split material remaining on a 7”. A cassette with all of the material will also be available.

Look for the LP + 7” PYRAMIDS / HORSEBACK “A THRONE WITHOUT A KING” out on Hydra Head on Black Friday this November.

I can't wait, I have been excited about this since hearing about it.

This is from their Self-Titled album on Hydra Head

This is from their collaboration with Nadja:

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