Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aidan Baker Does It Again

The Noise Of Silence limited box set from Aidan Baker (via Essence Music who put out the amazing Nadja limited boxset for Autopergamene) looks awesome. These pictures are just a few that show the detail and effort put into this package.

From the label:

A single, spontaneously composed, yet majestically structured 50 minute opus of swirling processed guitars, tape loops and noise bursts. Fear-inspiring in essence, the album slowly builds up a suffocating and trance inducing atmosphere around fragmented subliminal messages from a suicidal voice. Definitely not your typical dose of gentle and dreamy Baker solo.

Released in 2007 as a very limited edition CDR, Noise Of Silence is one of our top favorite Baker’s lost gems that truly deserved a special treatment.

Fully revised and remastered by James Plotkin. Beautiful 5-color printing on a custom 6-panel packaging.

Stunningly elaborated handmade and entirely hand assembled sturdy boxset housing two long accordion fold out inserts with 10 attached cards. Both the box and cards feature special paintings and collages based on many different techniques for an exquisite tactile experience, making each piece a totally unique work of art.

Besides the standard edition, also included in the set is a full-length bonus CDR entitled Early Works And Demos containing, as the title suggests, unheard tracks and versions from the 1991-95 period, when Aidan was already composing inspiring drone sounds and acoustic, dreamy and somber semi-ballads.

More pictures below. Order the boxset here or the single CD here

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