Friday, November 25, 2011

A389 Black Friday Releases: Pale Creation

This record has a real special place in my heart; one that I will not get into here. Twilight Haunt is the shining example of what Pale Creation can and has done with their music... their piece de resistance if you will. This is finally available on vinyl and will go quickly.

Fans, the wait is over.

Hailing from the Cleveland area, PALE CREATION took their cues from their peers in INTEGRITY and RINGWORM and fused it with the Darkwave/Goth influnces of such bands as Joy Division and Ministry.

Originally released on CD in 1999 via East Coast Empire, PALE CREATION's masterpiece 'Twilight Haunt' is now available for the first time on vinyl as a limited edition one-time pressing of 250 copies with never before seen photos/lyrics.

The time has come to accept this gift of art.

Order here

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