Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Sounds from Sequences

A little late on this, but Sequences is involved in this three way split / collaboration; so, it is due attention.

Monolithic riffing and ambient drones by Syndrome (soloproject from Mathieu V. from Amenra), Monotonos and Sequences.
Fall of Man was conceived to commemorate their combined Paris show on the 3d of November 2011. Each band contributed one brandnew and previously unreleased track, with the last track of the album being an exclusive collaborative effort.
Only 200 hand numbered copies available on cd (NO cd-r). The cd is held by an envelope and accompanied by 6 customized cardboard cards.

1. Moon when Wolves run Together (12'24")
By Syndrome
2. All seemed so clear, yet now so distorted (13'38")
By Monotonos
3. Shattered Gleam (12'04")
By Sequences
4. Layered (15'56")
By Syndrome, Monotonos & Sequences

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Fall Of Man (CD) by CON009

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