Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Burning Witch 4xLP Reissue... Finally

Southern Lord finally put up the pre-order for this Collection. I was stoked until I saw the price tag, but here is the final tally:

This beast has been in the works for over 3 years! The wait is finally over! The last nails have been pounded into the Burning Witch coffin!

Although Burning Witch only actually existed for a short period of time (1995–1998) the absolutely crushing impact they left is immense! This box compiles every authorized (ie: listenable) recording the band ever made.

The 4x single lps included are:

Towers... LP - Recorded by Steve Albini during the vernal equinox 1996 at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle. Originally released as a demo tape in 1996 then released by Slap-A-Ham on vinyl in 1998. 2k were pressed. Southern Lord released a cd version (including Rift.Canyon.Dreams) in 1998. Remastered from the original 1/2" master tape (lost until this version) by Mell Dettmer.

Rift.Canyon.Dreams - Recorded by Aaron Evil during the autumnal equinox 1997 at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle. Originally released by Merciless Records on LP in 1998. 500 were pressed. Not only is this lp super rare the covers were very flimsy so most existing copies have alot of cover damage! Southern Lord released a cd version (including Towers ) in 1998.

Bleeder b/w Rift.Canyon.Dreams. - Bleeder was a unreleased track from the Towers... (Albini) session. It originally came out on the split CD with Goatsnake on Hydra Head in 2000 now out of print. This song has never been released on vinyl (although test pressings for the Goatsnake split were made finished vinyl was never produced), the Rift.Canyon.Dreams track was an unfinished outtake from the Rift.Canyon.Dreams session. It was mixed/completed by Dahlquist & Randall Dunn circa 2003 and then released on a split with ASVA (BW bassists Stuart Dahlquists’ then new project). 475 copies were pressed. The track was remixed by O’Malley and Dunn in 2007 released on the "Crippled Lucifer" 2xcd reissue via SLR and is the version presented here.

Live at the China Club 1996 - Raw, grimm live evocation is the only Witch recording ever released with original 2nd guitarist Greg Anderson. This incantation was captured in Ballard, WA at the China Club (previously known as the Red Dragon) in 1996. The Witch was opening for At The Gates and Napalm Death. Anderson played 2 shows with Burning Witch, this being the second (and last!) This is the first time this is available on vinyl. Although not as realized as the studio recordings this give a dark vision of the horror that was to come!

Also included in this book is a perfect bound 40 page 12’ X12" BOOK. An aggressive visual documentation of the History of Burning Witch. Many never before seen photos + graphics specifically chosen for this release and some liner notes from Aaron Turner (Hydra Head Records / ISIS) and Chris Dodge (SPAZZ, Slap-a-Ham Records).

Included bound into the book is a DVD of never before released Burning Witch performances. First is video of the bands 1st ever live show from the Pioneer Square Theater in Seattle, May 1996. This is the lineup with Greg Anderson on 2nd guitar. The second is the infamous Burning Witch performance on Public Access television from 27 Live in Seattle February 1997. The dvd was edited by Alan Dubin (Khanate) and includes a menu and full credits.

All LPs are pressed on 180 gram virgin black vinyl and housed in high quality Stoughton printed tip-on and direct to board jackets. All of this darkness is enshrouded by a heavy duty Stoughton made slip-case. $100 each + shipping

Finally... An exclusive shirt is available ONLY when pre-ordering the box. Featuring a exclusive design that Stephen O’Malley personally chose.

This massive collection is available to pre-order here

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