Monday, November 21, 2011

Imminent Frequencies Now Offers...

...two new tapes.

First up is the latest from Developer... harsh noise at it's finest.

Harsh music concrete and tape assemblage from Matthew Reis. A prominent member of Ohio's experimental music scene, Reis (Teeth Collection, Factotum Tapes)
has become synonymous for his explorations of electro-acoustic music. First with his Teeth Collection project and now under the guise of Developer, Reis has moved
into exploring the areas of tape-based harsh noise and music concrete. Reis's style of improv tape music takes cues from Burrough's cut-ups while forging a new
kind of (harsh) experimentation.

IF15 - DEVELOPER "IF15" c30

Listen to a sample here

Limited to just 50 copies so grab it quick

Next up is the tape from Collapsed Arc.

Kinetic blown out sound loops by Cleveland, Ohio sound and visual artist David Russell. Collapsed Arc finds Russell's (Jerk, The David Russell Snake, Relentless Corpse) latest project immersed in an amalgamation of field recordings, contact mic experiments and appropriated vocal banter- masterfully melded together into loops of auditory chaos. Despite the non-musical nature of many of these sounds like any good pop song they lure you in. Disjointed sound sculpture for the musical masses.

IF14 - COLLAPSED ARC "IN CURSIVE" c20 in an edition of 100

Listen to a sample here

Order both tapes at Imminent Frequencies

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