Tuesday, June 21, 2011

House Of Low Culture

As the news comes out regarding the upcoming House Of Low Culture album, Poisoned Soil, I get more and more excited. Taiga recently dropped some hints regarding the upcoming release:

TAIGA 17 - House of Low Culture Poisoned Soil LP+12" is now being cut by John Golden & will be released this summer! HOLC is the long running solo project of Aaron Turner (Lotus Eaters, Isis, Mamiffer, Hydra Head, etc) & Poisoned Soil is the first full length to be released in 8 years since the 2003 CD Edward's Lament! Sige have recently released a Mamiffer / HOLC split cassette featuring a demo from Poisoned Soil, Spoiled Fruits of the Kingdom, available during their current tour.

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