Friday, June 10, 2011

Cult Of The Seven Crowns Pre-Orders...

 live. Here is the breakdown of the pre-order package if you buy them all together at once.

GEHENNA 'Land Of Sodom II/Upon The Gravehill' Deluxe 7"/CD (White/350)
GRAVEHILL 'Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery' 12" (Oxblood/250)
PENETRATION PANTHERS 'Perpetual 80s' 7"(Clear w/Pink Swirls/300)
WITCH-LORD 'Atomized In The Black Solarian' 7" (Lime Haze/250)
GEHENNA 'ODRIEP' Bonus 7" Flexi (only 200 available exclusively for free with purchase of all 4 releases)

Grab the package now here

Or individually here

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