Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Latest Handmade Birds Pre-Orders

Handmade Birds has two new limited releases available for pre-order now. The first is the latest from Ten Horned Beast, Ten Horned Moses Descended The Mountain.

The paradox at the heart of the shamanic/trance state - that the shaman travels without moving, that his spirit/will is sent out into the Now and that it travels outwards and inwards, up and down whilst s/he remains rooted.That paradox is evident here, in this three disc, three + hour opus and the product of multiple years under the steady direction of Chris Walton, aka TenHornedBeast, where the stillness and the movement of the pieces are tantamount. This is not drone in a traditional sense. Picture a monolithically slow Philip Glass composition, where the movements are so subtle you aren't aware of them until they have already happened. The passivity of such a piece requires all the more aggressive listening. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Edition: 3xCD, each disc encased in its own artwork and placed in its own plastic slip cover, held together by a custom band printed by authentic letterpress. Limited to 150 copies.

The second is the live album from Gates, They Hide In The Shadows.

Gates bring a refreshing sound to the dark landscape, documented here in this enormous live performance from The Music Gallery in Toronto, Canada on 11/3/11. Those of us that were not present to bear witness to this epic performance are still experiencing regret. Thankfully, the performance was archived here; a perfect segue into their forthcoming Handmade Birds full length due late 2011.

Edition: 40 copies!!! This is by far the most limited item we have ever pressed, and will sell out.

Hear some sounds from Gates:

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