Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Utech Releases

Utech has two new releases (besides the Locrian & Horseback collaborative LP, New Dominions) currently available. Ithi (pictured above and featuring members of Servile Sect and Ash Borer) presents the Persistence Of Meaning:

New York duo of Joshua Convey and Luke Krnkr. Blistering, overdriven shards of noise obscure the almost entirely hidden melodies. These musical moments are few and far between, as The Persistence of Meaning is more about reveling in destruction and decay, emphasizing raw feedback and hollow, rhythmic loops that shamble like the walking dead. Dirges from the deepest ossuaries can almost be heard, pained notes buried by locust swarms of static. While occasionally the pair engage in erratic Krautrock rhythms and structures, they’re just as likely to blow the entire thing up into a burning crater. Photograph by Shawn Convey. Typographical work by Kevin Gan Yuen.

Check out some sounds here and here

Malpais is the first collaborative effort between William Fowler Collins and Gog. With both musicians based in the American Southwest (WFC in New Mexico and Gog in Arizona), the music is layered with hallucinatory visions of abandoned mines, atomic bomb blasts, genocide, and space travel. The listener is taken to a place that feels as though it could be the surface of the moon or a scorched earth strewn with bone dust and ash. Photograph by Max Aguilera-Hellweg.

Check out some sounds here and here

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