Monday, May 9, 2011

Swamp Horse Pre-Orders Are Live

Swamp Horse join the Handmade Birds roster with this cassette as their first release. Winter Ghost is sure to be a further exploration of the harsh noise and experimentation that the these two gentlemen are known for in their circles.

Josh Lay has been a staple in the Kentucky-and-all-noise-blackened for years. Swamp Horse sees him at his most versatile, exploring textures alongside collaborator Morgan Rankin that embody the dichotomy of beauty and that which might truly terrify.

Edition: 100 (20 solid green, 80 smokey clear) with artwork designed by Josh Lay.

Go to Handmade Birds, click on the Cassette Series, and then Swamp Horse to hear some of the sounds that this tape will be cranking out. Order Here

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