Friday, May 6, 2011

Vit Pre-orders Up at Music Ruins Lives

I was psyched when I got Vit's "-" off a blog several months back (around the time of their tour with Vestiges. Now it is seeing a bit of a wider release.

"Mainly VIT play a mix of funeral doom and black metal but there are also death, post, atmospheric and sludgy parts. Some acoustic guitars are leading you to folk paths. The mood changes in this album are more than many. The funeral doom parts are heavy as hell. This evil heaviness leads to black metal bursts with some slow blast beats. Death, post and sludge parts have some great riffs to offer to us, in many cases away from the dark atmosphere the doom-black metal parts created." - noiZine

This has been floating around on a few blogs for the last year or so, but besides a handful of wooden box limited editions made by the band this has never seen a proper release.

6 Panel Digi-Sleeve with Pure White CD

Limited to 100 Copies, hand-numbered as usual.

Track List:
1. The Ardour Of Saints
2. Swansylvania
3. Ascension Ritual
4. Perennial Collapse
5. Puritan Ossuary
6. -

Hear it here, and then buy it from the fine fellows of Music Ruins Lives.

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