Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weird Childhood Memories

When I was a young tike, I used to watch movies on Saturday afternoons on TV. On one particular Saturday I was entranced by a movie whose title has completely eluded me for rougly 25 years. This movie has driven me almost to the point of madness as I vividly recall several scenes that bring back a sense of wonder and excitement. Now that I have discovered its title, I will be seeing it in the near future, much (surely) to the chagrin of my wonderful wife as it is a cheasy B-movie sci fi  flick entitled Laserblast. 

I understand that Mystery Science Theater 3000 lambasted this movie (I missed it then too); but I do not care. To call this a relief is an understatement.

Now, there is just one more movie from childhood that haunts me. If anyone can drop me a line if they recognize what I describe, it would be greatly appreciated. A scene inolves two rival pilots or something like that where one of the pilots assaults the other pilot and tosses him into a ventilation shaft where he is subsequently chopped to bits. Then the pilot flies the mission...

This is all I remember, but the memory is very vivid and real to me. It is the last movie that I cannot remember the title of and hope to one day find it.

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