Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fissures...a Recap

Last night's Fissures show was incredibly fun and completely surprising in some ways while in others it was entirely predictable. First, the predictable outcomes of the show still were funny. Even though the show was mostly attended by friends, it was that aspect that allowed for the humor to really come through; and my friends were extremely kind and offered immense encouragement. 

The surprising can only be described in that when I looked up and saw me staring back at myself while I was playing, confusion and fits of laughter followed.

It was a long set as the people at the store were gracious enough to allow me the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. Rick, Robbie, and company were awesome...thanks for putting up with everything. The set was fun with 2 ambient/ noise pieces that clocked in at a half hour then an acoustic song (In Waves, a song from a previous band that I was in called Walk Like Ghosts), another ambient/noise piece that clocked in at about 20 minutes and then two more acoustic songs (awful but heartfelt renditions of Damien Done's "Ass Crack Is the New Cleavage" and the Angels of Light's "The Man We Left Behind"). Rick then gave the go ahead for a closing ambient/noise piece that ran about another 15 to 20 minutes.

All in all it was a very successful night. Thanks to everyone involved and everyone who participated.

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