Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ah April

March is gone. April is here, and I have a little less than two weeks left of this school term and am definitely getting antsy. There is a ton of work to be done outside the house and all the recent rain is making it even more difficult than usual to get things like seeding and fertilizing my lawn done.


What is wrong with me?

Other than that, the wife is in full swing with her apprenticeship and might be tagging quite a few more people in the next few weeks. It is pretty awesome that she can do what she does already,  and at this rate she'll be sitting pretty by June or July. 

There are a bunch of new records coming out that I am currently excited about:

Isis- Wavering Radiant
Coalesce- Ox
Nadja- Under A Jaguar Sun
Coliseum- new single on Deathwish
Young Widows- split 7" series
Mamiffer/ Oakeater split cassette (yes a cassette)
Playing Enemy- Here’s To What We Made
Greymachine- Disconnected
Greymachine- Vultures Descend' b/w 'We Are All Fucking Liars (Version)'12"
Jesu- Opiate Sun
Jesu- Heart Ache 2xCD reissue
Jesu- Infinity
Narrows- New Distances
Integrity- The Blackest Curse

So the rest of this half of the year is looking pretty sweet

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