Sunday, April 5, 2009

Strange trips...

What a weird week, oh how I despise how my weeks are largely being determined by the weird format of graduate school. Frantically scrambling to finish one of my last individual assignments of class, this signals roughly one more week  of this term for me. Then, a much deserved break will be had. Once I am finished, I will look back at the wreckage (nothing bad) of the last 3 or so months and try to make sense of it all since I pretty much put my head down and just barrelled through everything with just this and talking to about 4 people to keep me sane.

Thankfully several records have really been able to keep me contrating on finishing my work:

Nadja- Bodycage
Nadja- Bliss Torn from Emptiness
Nadja- Guilted By the Sun
Nadja & A Storm of Light- Primitive North
Mamiffer- Hirror Ennifer
Everlovely Lightningheart- Cusp

I should really do something about Nadja considering the amount of listening to their records of late. Maybe I will.

My wife has really been getting a bunch done with her tattooing and am really psyched to see where she goes next with it all. Sooner or later, I will post pictures. I promise.

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