Monday, September 12, 2011

Check Out Dhusk

I was turned onto this from Demian over at dead formats, and I hope he doesn't mind my lifting some his words for the simple fact that they sold me on checking Dhusk out:

This is what I am always on the lookout for. Dark, bleak and hopeless... It's that sounds that feels like you are trapped in the belly of a hulking freighter as it slowly rumbles towards oblivion and all you can here are the distant sounds of the engine, crew and whatever hellish flotsam is smashing against the thick hull.

Check out the rest of his review here.

Listen below... order the cassette or the cassette +CDr (which contains an unedited version of the second side of the tape) here; but as always, these are limited to 20 copies and there are definitely less than that available at this point.

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